Kate Gosselin’s Love is in the Mix Cookbook: Review

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Kate Gosselin's Love Is in the Mix CookbookKate Gosselin’s Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories with Family-Friendly Recipes, Tips and Traditions: Kate’s cookbook, reviewed:

Kate Gosselin, oy, the feelings that woman inspires! Many years ago, I discovered a sweet show on TLC, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I loved it. Then, of course, things went wrong. Fame and fortune went to Jon and Kate’s heads, they moved to a million dollar estate, their marriage fell apart, and all that’s left that was sweet anymore were the kids.

Jon is now working as a waiter, probably not making anywhere near the $22,000 monthly childcare payments he owes, but isn’t paying, to Kate, who is in the process of suing him. At least on the surface, life is looking far rosier for Kate, who has appeared as a guest host on “The View,” spent several weeks as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars,” and now, has come out with a cookbook, Love Is in the Mix.

I planned to review this book, as Kate’s publicist at her publisher had told me she would send me a copy. That never happened, and when I emailed the publicist again, she never responded. Sigh. I try not to be jaded when it comes to Kate Gosselin, but it’s hard. It really is.

I put the book on hold at the library and soon had my hands on a brand-new copy. It’s a nice looking book, full of big, colorful photos.¬† It’s hardcover, and would be nicer if it had spiral binding (it will not lie flat and stay open on the counter top, which makes it difficult to cook from).

I read through each recipe and vignette, and I surprised myself a bit by actually making note of several recipes I wanted to try. The recipes are easy overall, and healthy, and most look really good. So far, I’ve made Pineapple Apple Casserole (good), Asian Spiced Quinoa (my first time to try quinoa, although I’ve heard a lot about it), and pumpkin bread (yum).

So, I’d say the recipes are the “good” about the book. I plan to save some of them.

The bad? Well, the writing in the book is pretty over-the-top, particularly coming from the woman who was televised angrily shouting at her children and husband on many different occasions. Hard to reconcile that with statements like “along with the meal, soak in the love” or “(Daughter Alexis) drives me crazy. And I love her for it!” There’s also the occasional editing miss: “I’m so proud of it. And have become known to my kids’ friends as the Pizza Mom.”

Some of the photos grated as well; one shows Scrabble tiles spelling all the kids’ names, and Kate’s, and even their dog’s — but not Jon’s. Kind of sad that even Shoka rates higher than the kids’ dad. Then there are the fakey-looking photos of Kate and the kids, all perfectly made-up and smiling like they just won the lottery. My daughter and I cracked up re-enacting one photo which showed Kate feeding a chip to one of the boys. Moms, do you put chips into your 9-year-old son’s mouth?

In short, I would have found this cookbook perfect coming from early-version Kate (or K8, as she often — and irritatingly — refers to herself in the book).

But coming from the “new Kate,” it just feels kind of like she now looks: fake and opportunistic.

¬†Have you had a chance yet to look at Kate’s cookbook? What did you think?

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5 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Love is in the Mix Cookbook: Review

  1. Did her recipes have a healthy spin on them? I remember she tried to focus on healthy ingredients, organic meats, etc. I would be interested to check this out if it is geared towards meals that are kid-friendly and easy for busy moms.

  2. Oh my word! Gag on the chip thing! And, I really didn’t believe that was Kate with those babies! But, of course…………. I’m anxious to hear about the Quinoa.

  3. Marysa, I did feel that most were relatively healthy — far healthier than I think most kids eat today, at least. I’d recommend checking it out from the library first and paging through it to see what you think.
    Lisa, heading off to make the quinoa recipe right now …

  4. The Asian recipes are from Jon’s family. Hope she remembered to get his permission first. Otherwise, sue the witch Jon.

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