Childhood Memories Friday: Spring Mill

Childhood Memories FridaySouthern Indiana, where I grew up, isn’t famous for its natural attractions. But one that I visited several times in my youth was Spring Mill State Park. The park is named after the mill, and here I am in front of it, with my sister and dad, in 1974, when I was nine years old. Check out those stylish polyester pants we’re all sporting, and I also am wearing that ’70s staple, the smock top, complete with a pointy-collared shirt beneath.

Spring Mill Indiana 1974Spring Mill was the destination for the “big” school field trip during elementary school. I don’t even remember which grade it was anymore now — maybe fourth, since that’s the “Indiana history” year, but it kind of seems like we were older. My dad was a teacher, so sometimes my siblings or I got to attend with him when his class visited.

Now, my own girls have visited Spring Mill with their 4th grade classes. It’s fun, and kind of comforting, to see that even though times and fashions change, the good old mill looks pretty much identical, 35 years later:

spring mill indianaIt’s always fun, no matter one’s age, to hear the re-enactors tell about the mill’s workings and see them fire it up to grind corn meal. I’ve often bought a $2 bag to bring home and use in cooking.

Have you ever visited Spring Mill? Or if you’re not a Hoosier — does your state have a site (or sites) where school kids commonly trek for field trips?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Spring Mill

  1. I believe it was Ellen who lost one flip flop in the stream at Spring Mill. Do you suppose it’s still floating along somewhere out there?

  2. If I’ve ever visited there, which I probably have, it’s been so long ago that I have no recollection of doing it.

  3. I think we went there once, and bought some corn meal too. Have you ever been to Clifty Falls?

  4. To me Spring Mill State Park is Indiana’s best one! I have visited most of Indiana’s state parks, at first with my parents and later as an adult, but I will always stick by Spring Mill as my all time favorite.

  5. The old mill itself has always been my favorite attraction at Spring Mill. I have also purchased corn meal there at a very reasonable price. Somehow I missed this entry back in October, but I am only a month or so late in responding.

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