Do You Like Your Facebook Friends?

I know, I know. The obvious answer is, Of course I like my Facebook friends! We’re friends, right?

R-i-g-h-t. Of course you like all your relatives. And of course you like all those people you went to high school with. And of course you like that random acquaintance; you know, the one you’re not sure why you’re ‘friends’ on FB in the first place.

A new survey sheds insight into the complicated web we weave on Facebook. The survey questions Brits, but I have a feeling that we Yanks aren’t all that different. Some interesting findings:

  • The average person has 287 “friends” on Facebook. Yet, only about 10% of those are true ‘friends’ — you know, people you’d actually choose to spend time with in real life. Take a look through your FB friends list. Would you pick up the phone and call some of these people? Go out to lunch with some of them? I thought so.
  • A majority are “friends” with someone they don’t really like in real life, just to be nosy. I can see this happening. I think we’ve all probably “stalked” someone’s FB page. Maybe someone from our past, maybe someone we don’t particularly like — just to see what he or she is up to. And apparently some people take it beyond stalking and actually ‘friend’ these people, just to keep tabs on them. You know what they say: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer …
  • 26% have decided not to delete a “friend” due to fear of the consequences. This can happen! I go through my list every so often, and sometimes I do delete people. Why? Well, if I see a ‘friend’ who I don’t really know in real life, and who never interacts with me on FB (doesn’t “like” or comment on anything, etc), I may figure — why keep that person on? *unfriend* Once, this happened with a girl I went to high school with. I didn’t know her well then, and I have not seen her in 30 years. We never interacted on FB, so I figured losing her as a FB friend would be no great loss to either of us. Well, I figured wrong. Not 24 hours later, she messaged me, wondering how she had offended me. Good grief. I “friended” (is it just me, or is it painful to use ‘friend’ as a verb?) her again, so once again we go through life unattached in any way, except through our FB “friends” status.
  • 28% have gotten into an argument due to a “vague FB status” they felt was aimed at them. So watch it out there with the vague statuses, people (although I have to agree that these are annoying). Next time you want to post Really annoyed at SOMEONE who cannot stop posting Obamacare hate!, think again! Your friends are watching! All 287 of them!

So much discussion fodder. Chime on in: what crazy FB tales can you tell?


3 thoughts on “Do You Like Your Facebook Friends?

  1. Facebook has taken me to mountain peaks and deepest valleys. I adore a
    “friend” I’ve made through Facebook. I would not know this person if I met them on the street but I would feel comfortable asking her if I could spend the night if I found myself in a pinch. We talk about anything and everything. This week she mentioned she is a Democrat but “did NOT vote for HIM – either time”, I felt a little better. I still can’t understand how she could be since she is such a wonderful person. Friends, I am Republican to the inner gut and always will remain so.

  2. I have a FB “friend” that I’ve known for years. We’ve become reacquainted in recent years because of FB. But I get so angry at some of her posts about the man in the White House, I could almost explode some times. I’ve thought several times of “unfriending” her because of that, but if we’re not talking about politics, I enjoy interacting with her. So … the relationship continues. And BTW, I hate using “friend” and “text” as verbs.

  3. I have been on an e-mail subscriber list for years concerning an illness I’ve had, and when everyone started going to Facebook, we all friended each other. But now I am wishing I hadn’t – I don’t really know some of them. I’m hesitant to “unfriend” because it can hurt – I’ve been unfriended and it feels like rejection even though I’m not all that close to those people.

    I’m choosier now about which friend requests I accept, though that feels like it can come across as a little snobby, too. I’ve enjoyed catching up with people from my high school and churches we attended in other cities, but sometimes I get a friend request from people in those places that I barely remember or don’t really have a desire to reconnect with, and I really feel like a heel if I don’t accept.

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