Childhood Memories Friday: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Childhood Memories FridayIt’s true: a picture is worth a thousand words. That was true with this photo, which brought back lots of memories.

family 1976 split levelIt captures my family in 1976, America’s Bicentennial. We’re in front of our split-level house. Remember those? These days, it’s rare that anyone would build such a house. Back then, they were everywhere. It seemed so — normal to have 5 steps upstairs, and 5 more down. See the light on in the family room, on the left side? And I’m not sure why there’s an upside-down bucket by the front door (with a rag on top!), but I’m sure it was used in some task.

Mom is holding my youngest sister; Dad sure has a lot of hair (and those iconic 1970s glasses). My other sister appears lost in a daydream (I think I wore, and loved, that coat she has on prior to her wearing it). And there I am, wearing those plagues of the 1970s, knee socks. Mine appear to be “up” about as well as they ever would be, although they could more accurately be labeled “shin socks.” I remember using rubber bands around the tops to keep them up, although then I read that doing so could lead to varicose veins, which ran in my family anyway. Ah, dilemmas … I also read that crossing one’s legs could lead to those dreaded veins, and this came to mind often while I sat in church, listening to a sermon while — crossing my legs.

I’m sporting a particularly unfortunate dress and coat, but my smile must be due to the fact that I was evidently finally allowed to grow my hair to a length I wanted. I spent much of my childhood mentally suffering over my short hair.

I bet you have similar photos. Look at one today and take a little trip into the past, whether it’s 1976, 1966, 1986, or whever.

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. I remember that day. Aunt Dorothy & Uncle Gordon were visiting us and took the photo. The upside down bucket with a rag on top may have meant I had scrubbed the kitchen or bathroom floors. Idleness and I have never been friends.

  2. Ah, the memories this evokes! Another trip down memory lane for me as well as you.

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