Childhood Memories Friday: Marching Band Memories

Childhood Memories Friday

Marching Band Memories

It’s marching band season here! Marching band is big in Indiana; we’re well-known for having pretty much the nation’s best marching bands (yeah, I know we Hoosiers are famous for basketball too, but since I’m not into sports, don’t expect a post on that topic anytime soon). And my two oldest girls just happen to be part of their high school band, which just happens to have been the #1 class A band in 2011 and #2 in 2012.

So it was fun to come across this photo in an old album the other day.

Seymour High School band flagsYes, I am somewhere there, with my flag and apparently some type of parachute. The back reads “freshman year.” Looks like a nuclear bomb went off, huh?

But all was not unicorns and rainbows when I was in marching band. I never wanted to march. I played oboe, and oboes could not march (I suppose that had to do with the oboe’s reed dangerously protruding from the instrument?) So, oboes were consigned to the flag corps. In those days, or perhaps I should say in my opinion, flag corp was not the happenin’ place to be. For sure, it was full of girls who felt quite proud of their affiliation with the flags. But to me, spending hours gripping a flag was not too stimulating. At all.

Seymour High School band flagsOne year, a fellow oboist and I gathered up our courage and went to meet with the band director, asking if we could possibly be allowed to skip marching season all together. As I recall, he smiled and chuckled as he shook his head NO. My friend ended up being a drum major, I ended up … twirling the flags for 4 years. There was some drama: two boys decided they wanted to join flags. BOYS, I tell you! The scandal! We girls whispered back and forth — would they be required, as we were, to wear panty hose? Oh, it was gripping!

Here you can see me dutifully posing on the family porch in my uniform. I did think those boots were pretty cool. Check out the pom poms — oh yeah!

oboe photoOne year, I even got my photo taken with my oboe AND my flag uniform! I remember that the school owned those satiny tops, but we had to make our own shorts. That satin fabric was awful to work with!

So, how about you? Any marching band memories?

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  1. I remember the time the band director asked Mrs. Gambrel and myself to sew flags for the flag corp, which we both did. I made a smaller version for some little girls, including Ellen, out of the scraps. Some things about me will never change… I pretty much know it was a volunteer thing we did.

  2. I loved marching band – and we got to have oboes! I was a flute, though. 🙂 We had the color guard (flags) and the majorettes (batons) – both of which were separate extra-curriculars – mostly the same girls as were cheerleaders. We had one boy in color guard – Joey ???. His last couple of years in HS, he was the drum major. We played the Star Wars theme one year – instead of the normal staff, he had a light saber, and during the routine, Darth Vader came out of the crowd, and they “battled” while the band played. . . good times. 😆

  3. Oh, yes, I have wonderful memories of marching and concert band! I played percussion and I had so much fun. We were the Raiders. We had girls who danced and did flags, called “Raiderettes,” but, sadly, we called them “Raider Rats.” They were nice girls, and we were just teasing, but I doubt they appreciated it. We worked really hard. Our band director made us learn an entirely new half time routine and new music each week, and we had special marching things we did in parades and things, too. One year we got to go to Canada for a couple of weeks and stay with the kids in a band there. That’s the only time I went out of the country. Band is where I met my husband of almost 35 years, too!

  4. I loved hearing your stories and seeing your pics of your marching band days! I played clarinet in marching band and did competition color guard in the offseason – it made high school a great experience. I will be a “band geek” forever, but here in the Los Angeles area, it is certainly not appreciated like it is in Indiana!

  5. I played the clarinet, like Erin, and enjoyed the marching band. But ours wasn’t as spectacular as your daughters’ is. Nevertheless, it was a good learning experience.

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