Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi: Review and Giveaway

Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi 

Purex UltraPacks Plus OxiAh, laundry. As a mom, dirty laundry is always in my house. No matter how often I do it, I turn around and more has accumulated.

So, whenever Purex sends me a great new laundry product to try, I’m excited. Not trip-to-Europe excited, maybe, but still, excited.

That’s how I felt when Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi arrived on my doorstep. This great new product smells wonderful — fresh and clean. It has DirtLift Action which delivers 2x the cleaning power in every drop, leaving your clothes bright, white, and clean.

Another thing I really like about Purex products is how affordable they are. Their basic price is much lower than many other detergents, and I often see Buy-1-Get-1-Free sales (recently, Walgreen’s even had buy-1-get-TWO-free on Purex!).

Purex is celebrating the introduction of Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi with a great sweepstakes:Find the Red Football Jersey and Win. Enter and you could win $50!

And, Purex has given me coupons to share with you! Yay! Enter via the rafflecopter form below by September 25, and I’ll choose 2 random winners September 26. Enjoy some fresh, clean laundry thanks to Purex!

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81 thoughts on “Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi: Review and Giveaway

  1. I entered to win some Purex though I think I easily have enough detergent to last me to my eighth decade of life. What can I say/ I don’t do laundry often. I got a boat load recently at Walgreens when it was buy 1 – get 2 free.

  2. I’d love to try this for my whites! We have hard water & I often get discouraged when my regular detergent doesn’t even seem to be a match to it.

  3. I would love to try this. I trust the Purex brand, have used a lot in the past and it always makes clothes sooo clean and fresh smelling!!!

  4. I just tried these for the first time and they are fantastic-and so handy!

  5. Ultrapacks seems so easy! I’d love to win and I’d love to try Purex. I’ve never tried it before!

  6. I want to win because I use Purex Liquid and would like to try the new UltraPacks with Oxi!

  7. I try to use all Purex products for a multitude of reasons.
    ease of use
    and because I LIKE TO!
    Thank you!

  8. I’d love to try this. And contrary to some, I certainly do not have enough detergent to last me into my eighth decade.

  9. I love Purex products but I especially love this product. It makes it so easy to do a quick load of laundry.

  10. I have wanted to try this product for awhile now! Thanks for the chance!

  11. I would love to try their new packet! We love their liquid detergent with oxi so I would like to see if this really is more convenient!

  12. I’d like to win because I’ve got 5 kiddos and three of them are in sports! That’s a lot of dirty, stinky clothes.

  13. I’d like to try these new ultrapacks. I’m always excited to try new products from Purex!

  14. Purex is my favorite brand of laundry soap! I use the dryer sheets too. I L.O.V.E. Purex!!!

  15. I would love to win because I like trying products I have never used in the past.

  16. I go through an insane amount of detergent- I have to little ones, a husband and 2 teenage daughters. It’s ridiculous the amount of laundry I do!

  17. I would love to win because I love Purex. I have purex softener, liquid detergent, and really want to try the pacs.

  18. With 6 people in our house, my husband and I wearing uniforms, and my boys in football we’re always doing laundry

  19. I have heard about these and would love to try them for free first!

  20. I love Ultrapacks, getting them for free would really help the budget!

  21. I have never tried the ultra packs and would love to!!! I love Purex, but I have always used the liquid!

  22. I love the simplicity of this! Already a huge fan of purex, I would love to try these pacs!

  23. I’d love to win since last month an enrite new bottle of the liquid spilled all over my tile floor not an easy mess to clean sinc e adding water just makes it worse I love the idea on these

  24. I would love to win because I am injured, making it hard to go up and down the steps. Our laundry facility is down 3 flights of stairs and all the way across the property. The less weight I have to carry, the better!

  25. I love having a pack of these handy for when I want to do wash super quick. My SIL loves them because she works at a school camp where she lives on site during the week and hates having to carry a jug of detergent to the laundry room.

  26. I love Purex and have used it for many years. I would love to win!

  27. I have used purex for a long time and trust it over any other laundry detergent.

  28. I have not tried the Purex UltraPacks Plus Oxi and would love to not to happy with my old detergent.

  29. I like Purex and I have not used these and I am sure they will be great
    Would love to try them.

  30. I’d like to win because Purex is my go to brand of laundry detergent.

  31. I love Purex and have not tried that Ultrapacks! I would love to! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  32. I always use liquid but would be interested to try these packs!

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  33. Those little packs are convenient and the oxi in the detergent will help rid our clothes of those grease like stains.

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