A Surprise for Lily: Review

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A Surprise for LilyA Surprise for Lily, review by Sophie, age 12:

A Surprise for Lily is the fourth book in the Amish “The Adventures of Lily Lapp” series.  This book takes you through Lily’s life at Whispering Pines, her home.  Lots of exciting things happen every day.  Sewing, learning to cook, gardening, school, and looking after her three little brothers keep Lily busy.  She has always dreamed of a having little sister, so when she learns her mama is expecting a baby, will she get her wish?

Lily’s parents in the book were excellent role models and showed good parenting. They were great at solving problems and making do with what they had.

There were a lot of times when someone got hurt in the book, but that was understandable, since there were so many kids in the book.  Kids get hurt a lot more often than adults.

The thing that confused me about this book was that Lily was a fifth grader, but the cover model really looked more like a 6-year-old.  However, it was probably difficult for the writers to find an exact replica of Lily in age, size, etc.

Four stars!

Recommended for ages 7-12.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise for Lily: Review

  1. Great review, Sophie! I am surprised she agreed to having her picture taken at all!

  2. Excellent review, Sophie. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think it had been written by an adult. You write well. BTW, I think I’d love the series.

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