Zucchini Skin Reaction

Zucchini Skin Reaction

As you know, my zucchini crop this year has been wildly successful. I’ve made batch after batch of zucchini bread, zucchini puree, shredded zucchini to freeze, you name it.

Last weekend, I decided it was time to deal with the three large zucchini on the counter. So I began peeling and cutting them up to make puree (in case you’re curious, I use it as an oil substitute in baked goods. Works great!).

Everything was going fine, until I began to notice my fingers and hands feeling dry. Extremely dry. I washed them, but that didn’t seem to help. I put on lotion. They were still dry. And now, they were flaky, too! What was going on here?

zucchini skin reaction rash dryI did some research, and found out that others have had the same zucchini skin reaction. Apparently, it’s a type of contact dermatitis caused by something in the zucchini. Thankfully, after a few hours I was able to peel the gunk away and all was well. I’ve worked with zucchini for years and never had this happen before, so I assume that this time it’s because I spent an extended time with three large ones.

How about you? Have you ever had a strange skin rash or reaction after peeling a bunch of zucchini?

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  1. After getting the zucchini “plague” I think it’s about time you lay your knife down and take the girls to eat out tonight! Just sayin’

  2. That happened to me the last time I made zucchini, but it usually doesn’t. It ALWAYS happens when I peel butternut squash. I’ve noticed that if I wash my hands immediately, it lessens the reaction.

  3. I’ve never had trouble with zucchini, but if I touch the skin of mangoes, I get burns on my skin that look like I’ve touched an iron to my skin. The strange thing is that is doesn’t happen to my hands but elsewhere on my body. That was bad when I lived in a world where mangoes in their season were almost as abundant as grass. But it didn’t happen if I put on gloves when I peeled them.

  4. In all the years I have handled zucchini,, peeling, cutting, grating, blending, I never had a problem until today. I made zucchini boats and used a melon ball scoop to scrape out the pulp. The zucchini was much smaller than I usually use. Water made my skin worse, but lotion helped a little. Glad to find others that had this. Thanks for posting a pic too.

  5. I have this happen every time I touch zucchini. I think it isn’t an irritant from zucchini but, the actual juice it leaks during the shredding process. It doesn’t wash off with water. You literally have to wait for it to peel or take your nail and lightly scrape it off. Haven’t you noticed it is a slight greenish yellow color. No different than a varnish or paint that doesn’t wash off . You have to play with it and keep scraping with your fingernails till it all comes off. It doesn’t itch, burn or spread. Zucchini leaves a cracked coating on your skin where your skin contacted with zucchini juice. I could be wrong. Just my theory. I know it is annoying , don’t panic , it wears off within a day.

  6. I just googled this because it happens to me once in a while and my fear is….if it’s doing this to my fingers, might it be irritating my insides too? No official word from any medical sites, just some blog posts from people who handle zukes like yourself. I did read a gardener blog that believed squash excrete a glue-like substance to heal their skin when it becomes broken. So when we’re slicing it up, you can imagine all the secretions! Which sounds really unappetizing. lol

  7. I wonder if that slime could be used in facials, maybe we are on to something here? I’ wait till someone else rubs their face and posts about it.

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