Out West Vacation 2013: Across Wyoming

out westAs Out West Vacation 2013 came to an end, we found ourselves driving across Wyoming. Wyoming is big. Large expanses of it are apparently uninhabited. Sure, I guess you could say somewhat the same thing for Indiana, but it seems way more pronounced out in the west. I would sometimes wonder what would happen if you had car trouble, out here miles from anywhere.

Wyoming roadOn and on we drove, from Powell in the NW corner, toward Casper, near the center.

Wyoming roadSometimes, right through the mountains …

Wyoming road tunnel… we passed many signs noting towns with populations on the small side — one had 328, another 10! No big cities out here.

Hell's Half Acre Devil's KitchenWe came across some neat geological features, including this one, known as Hell’s Half Acre or the Devil’s Kitchen. I learned that this spot was used as the location for filming the fictional planet Klendathu in the movie “Starship Troopers,” although from its title, I doubt that’s a film I’ll be watching anytime soon (Humans in a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival).

Also, Indians used to drive herds of buffalo over the edges and into this canyon, the easier to hunt them, I suppose. Imagine that scene!

University of Wyoming dinosaur

Checking out a 75-foot Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus) skeleton in the museum’s exhibit hall

And a stop at the University of Wyoming geology museum in Laramie. This was my husband’s idea, as I think he had seen the museum featured on some scientific TV shows he watched. It was quite small, just manned by a bored student, and hey — who can say no to looking at a dinosaur skeleton?

Just a bit left across Wyoming before we cross over into Colorado. Join me next time …

3 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2013: Across Wyoming

  1. Your girls are absorbing a lot on these expeditions. So are you & Mike! Keep traveling.

  2. Oh, I LOVE Wyoming! It is different around every corner. I went there with my family in 1975, on our Grand Tour of the west… it was wonderful. We camped, and spent a great deal of time in Wyoming. It was my favorite of all the states we spent time in or went through.

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