Happy 168th Birthday, King Ludwig II!

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Ludwig II birthday August 25 Mad King LudwigHappy 168th birthday, King Ludwig II (well, it’s actually Sunday, August 25, but we can celebrate a few days early)!

Fans of the “mad king” who are lucky enough to live in Bavaria can celebrate at a special evening at Linderhof, Ludwig’s “small palace” where he spent most of his time.

The night’s program looks perfectly designed to highlight the birthday boy’s eccentric wonderfulness. The evening will begin with a program for children, followed by a brief concert, and an illumination of the fountains that are so central to Linderhof. Then, something Ludwig would truly love: night tours of the castle! Also, readings will be going on in Hunding’s Hut and the Venus Grotto, and a silent movie shown in the Hermitage.

Now that’s one party I would dearly love to crash!

Of course, no gifts are required. But, Ludwig really does get a gift of sorts: his beloved Neuschwanstein is now finished with its external renovation. No more ugly scaffolding!

Happy birthday, King Ludwig II. May you rest in the peace you so rarely found during your lifetime.


“Reading is my greatest delight, a delight I allow myself almost too frequently, as I cannot stop reading even when riding through the most beautiful mountain valleys.”   – letter from Ludwig to Richard Wagner, 1873

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