Out West Vacation 2010: Old Trail Town

On to Cody, Wyoming, and a touristy ghost town we just couldn’t pass up: Old Trail Town.

Old Trail TownWe had spent the earlier part of the day at Yellowstone, and by the time we arrived Old Trail Town truly was a ghost town — only a few others were wandering around. But that seemed appropriate. There was plenty of time to contemplate the old days, and what life must have been like for the pioneers in this harsh land. Old Trail Town is made up of 26 buildings from the late 1800s moved here in an attempt to preserve them.

Old Trail TownIt was fun to wander down the “street” in the early evening sunlight, visiting each building and reading about its history.

Butch Cassidy, Kid Carson, Sundance Kid

Have you heard of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and Kit Carson? They’re vaguely familiar to me, but I can’t tell you a lot more — other than that they hid out in some of the buildings here.

Old Trail Town

There were also memorials to some men (and even a few women) who died out in the wild, wild west. So scenic with that big, beautiful sky!

wild west saloon, Old Trail TownHere’s an old saloon frequented by some of the afore-mentioned wild west heroes. It often amazes me how small many of these rooms and buildings were. Our houses nowdays seem so much bigger. The small size of the cabins where entire families lived in a single room are really amazing, and serve as a great example of just how pampered we are.

Charles Russell poemOne of the buildings held a small museum, and I really liked this poem. It kind of brought me back to the Old West, thinking of all those animals roaming around.

After about an hour, we left the ghosts there in Old Trail Town, and headed off to dinner. Next time, one of the highlights for me: a visit to a former Japanese internment camp.

3 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2010: Old Trail Town

  1. I am enjoying the trip. Hey, where are we going to eat dinner tonight? I sure hope they have a good working pepper shaker!

  2. I like the old ghost towns out west, because I still very much enjoy old reruns of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and once in awhile I watch Little House on the Prairie. Another real favorite of mine is out of the Depressions/WW11 era called The Waltons. There is just something about that big, caring family appreciating the small, little everyday things that make me long for a life like that instead of the mad world of government scandals and way more electronics than we really need.

  3. Thanks for continuing your stories about the old west. I’m enjoying them.

    BTW, did you tell Leona about our encounter in the GR public museum?

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