Out West Vacation 2013: More Yellowstone

out westYellowstone is so huge that it definitely needs another post. What can you see there? After leaving Old Faithful, we drove on to stop after stop to see geyser after geyser …

Yellowstone basin… basin after basin …

Yellowstone paint pot

… paint pot after paint pot.

After a while, they all start to look quite similar, although they really are neat to see. It’s amazing the colors in nature, and the way the paint pots bubble. Most all these areas have walkways built to walk on, with warnings posted not to get off. It might be dangerous if some of the features start acting up and erupting. With all the steam, there is a lot of heat in the area — although with the low humidity, it’s really pleasant to walk around here. At least, it was when we visited in mid June.

taking photos at Yellowstone

There were quirky curiosities — a bison and calf decorating the pop machine?

pop machine YellowstoneAnd lots of really cool animal sightings: Elk …

elk at Yellowstone… and as we drove into the park one day, a bear and her cub lumbering along!

bear and cub at YellowstoneOne evening as we left the park, traffic was backed up. And I mean really backed up. With the roads so narrow, there was no way to see what the problem was. But eventually, we saw. A whole herd of bison had decided to cross the road. One at a time, and they were taking their time. I have to say, it was so cool to have a bison walk right in front of the car. They are really big!

bison crossing road Yellowstone

Even in June, there was a lot of snow in the mountains. It was strange, because the kids were playing by it, and although there was so much snow, it wasn’t cold. As we drove along, we passed many small waterfalls created by the melting snow.

Yellowstone summer snowSo there you have it: two days at Yellowstone. Lots of great scenery, lots of unusual (to me) animals. Great weather, and a good time.

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  1. Nature is my favorite thing to photograph. I’m glad you got to see so much of it, including the animals.

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