Out West Vacation 2013: JonBenet Ramsey House


So, on the final day of vacation, I asked my husband what was on the agenda.

Him: Well, you know, Boulder …

I stopped listening right there. Because, when I hear the name “Boulder,” I think of one thing. JonBenet Ramsey.

Remember JonBenet? I sure do. She was a stunning little 6-year-old girl whose 1996 Christmas night murder in her own home stunned the nation. We all learned about JonBenet; I think that the emphasis on her involvement in kiddie beauty pageants was a major impetus behind the whole Toddlers and Tiaras craze.

Anyway, the Ramsey family lived in Boulder, Colorado, at the time all this happened. I remember this, since I’d followed the case closely and read several books about it. I got online and found the address of their house (although they no longer live there, and the mom, Patsy, died in 2006). Interestingly, it was 755 15th Street at the time of the murder, but it’s since been changed to 749 15th Street. I guess that makes marketing sense — would you want to buy a house at the address where the brutal murder of a child had occurred? In more JonBenet Ramsey house trivia, for a time after the Ramseys moved from the house, it was owned by the daughter of Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral fame.

As the GPS lead us closer to the street, I began to breathe faster. This kind of stuff truly fascinates me: seeing the location of places and events I’ve read about. I freely admit that other family members were decidedly mystified by my interest. Closer, closer …

JonBenet Ramsey house Boulder 2013

There it was! I recognized it from the many photos I’d seen, but ugh– all the trees obstructing the view! Let’s go to the end of the street, turn around, and try from another angle!

JonBenet Ramsey house Boulder 2013

Okay, so that one is not a lot different. Still! Just seeing the house in person was so neat.

In my image of the house, as it appeared decades ago, there was quite a bit less tree cover, and the fence wasn’t around either.

Seeing the Ramsey house inspired me to read more about the case, and I did that in a new book written by a chief investigator from the Boulder DA’s office — a really excellent book, in my opinion, and I’ll review it tomorrow

How about you? Have you visited any famous crime scenes, or any places with famous associations? Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks things like this are interesting!



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