Out West Vacation 2013: Jackson, Wyoming

out westSo after our extremely memorable hike around Jenny Lake, we (or at least I) were ready for a relaxing evening. We found it in Jackson, Wyoming.

I was wondering about the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole. A little research reveals that the general area we were in is known as Jackson Hole, earlier as Jackson’s Hole. Why hole? The term comes from language used by early trappers (of whom Mr. Jackson was one), who entered the valley from the north and east and had to descend along relatively steep slopes, giving the sensation of entering a hole. The touristy town within the Jackson Hole area is named Jackson. It really was a cute little stereotypically Western town.

Jackson Wyoming stagecoach

It had a real Western feel, and Sarah Palin would have felt right at home: antlers appeared to be a favorite form of decor.

Jackson Wyoming antlers

Jackson was very dog-friendly; several shops had dishes of water set out at the door for the many dogs walking by with their owners.

moose poppers, bear poppers

I found fun popper toys in a shop — the same kind I reviewed earlier, but in Wyoming-appropriate moose and bears!

bitter clinger gun owner sign

 The whole town was high on the politically-incorrect meter, which I was loving.

Jackson Wyoming shootout

 And never was the anti-PC factor higher than at the shoot out we happened upon. Seriously, a bunch of characters in western garb were chatting with the audience, when all of a sudden they began shooting at each other! It was wildly unexpected, and loud, and … western. One little kid began screaming, probably scared that some odd version of Newtown was upon her.

Jackson Wyoming shootout

 They were all about their guns and their freedoms, and it just felt like kind of a place where I could feel at home. That’s always a good feeling :).

wyoming squirrels

Finally, some cute little ground squirrels (?) in a park as we walked back to the car.
All in all, a fun way to end a pretty stressful day.

3 thoughts on “Out West Vacation 2013: Jackson, Wyoming

  1. This is the second family I’ve seen pose at the Antler location. It must be a popular photo op. Interesting description of the town. Wish I’d been there but glad I escaped that darn hike!

  2. Glad you got to de-stress a bit that evening. I guess I should have used “chill” since my computer’s spellchecker doesn’t like de-stress!

  3. Thanks for the tour of the Jackson Hole area! Although I have been out west a few times, somehow I never made it to the Grand Tetons or Jackson. Looks like a great place to visit.

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