Childhood Memories Friday: Prince William is Born

Childhood Memories FridayYes, you read that right. Because, while the whole world has been watching the hoopla over the birth of Prince George this week (understandably so; I’ve been into it as much as anyone), today’s childhood memory is of the birth of his father, Prince William.

Prince William is Born

I clearly remember the day of Prince William’s birth. And now, he is 31, and a father himself. How can this be?

I was away from home at Hoosier Girls State, a program designed to groom confident young women into leaders. I was not remotely confident, at least not in an out-there aggressive way, but I was smart and well-liked by my teachers, which I assume got me the coveted nomination.

Hoosier Girls State Indiana

So there I was, at Indiana State University, sitting through hours-long meetings where we were urged to campaign and run for various offices. Pretty awful stuff for an introvert — I’d prefer to have stayed in my room and read a book. Or, as was the case on June 21, stayed in front of a TV.

Of course, I’m just dreaming on that account, because in 1982 there were no 24/7 news stations like today. No internet. But somehow I’d heard that Princess Diana had gone to the hospital that morning to have her expected baby. I remember sharing this with any girls sitting around me who would listen. I may have had little incentive to run for Girls State Governor, but by golly I’d share the royal gossip.

When I heard of the baby boy’s arrival (he wasn’t named until a week later), I was so excited. It had been less than a year since the royal wedding of Charles and Diana, and my enthusiasm was still at fever pitch.

Do you remember when Prince William was born? Any memories to share?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Prince William is Born

  1. Oh, I hadn’t caught the homage to Diana with the polka dots. What a sweet thing to do!

    I do remember seeing that picture of Diana and Charles with the baby, but I can’t remember whether I kept up with the news that day.

  2. Since it was 31 years ago, I was in the bush in Africa. I imagine I knew nothing of his birth until years later. That just was not a thing high on my radar at that point in my life, when I was surrounded by people who were barely eking out a living as subsistence farmers.

  3. My memory of your week at Girls’ State was the fact it was nearly fair time and you had no project to redo for Home Furnishings. I found a walnut antique dresser at Lucille Baurle’s Antique Shop on S. Chestnut Street, in her basement and we bought it and Dad got it hauled home. What a easy going girl you were that you trusted us to pick something out and tore into refinishing it immediately upon arriving home. I love that piece of furniture to this day! It turned out so well!

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