Out West Vacation 2013: Dinosaur National Monument

Vacation continues; we drove into Utah to visit Dinosaur National Monument.

Welcome to Utah sign

Never heard of it? Don’t worry, neither had I. But the locals capitalize on any fame they’re able to muster as a site where lots of dinosaur remains have been found.

Dinosaur Inn statue

Yes, of course we stayed at the Dinosaur Inn!

Off we went to Dinosaur National Monument. We learned that the place has been significantly improved recently thanks to millions from our federal government   tax money.  So thank you to all you workers for providing a vacation morning attraction for us! Hey, it’s good to know that our nation still has the resources to maintain a big wall of millions-of-years-old fossils! Not like we’re in financial trouble or anything.

Dinosaur National Monument Utah

So Dinosaur National Monument basically involved a huge wall full of fossils, which is displayed inside the building pictured above. It seems like I’ve seen quite a few fossil displays where the supposed fossil is pretty near impossible for me to discern, so it was kind of refreshing to see all this rock with a tonload of fossils clearly visible and sticking out. As I recall, scientists speculate that when a river dried up, there was some type of logjam that stopped all these bones in one spot.

Dinosaur National Monument Utah

Outside, there was a fossil trail that we hiked along for a couple of miles. I suppose there were possibly fossils to see, but what I enjoyed most were the animals – little lizards, a desert cottontail or two, and cliff chipmunks. Also, the neat rock formations. It was hot, but it sure was nice to have a break from the omnipresent Midwestern humidity …

Dinosaur National Monument Utah lizard

Can you spot the lizard?

Dinosaur National Monument Utah

Dinosaur National Monument UtahUtah

The girls thought it was awesome to find a GUN SHAPED ROCK! Just don’t bring that thing to school! 🙂

Despite my complaints about how the government wastes our tax dollars, the ranger stations at these parks are always really well-done and the rangers are so nice and helpful.

Dinosaur National Monument Utah ranger

Tune in next week for our next stop — hint: oooh — ooooh — ooooohhh! It’s a ghost town!

Dinosaur National Monument Utah trail

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  1. I enjoyed the visit. Glad you got to see some fossils.

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