Rosetta Translation

Thanks to Rosetta for sponsoring this post. All opinions and wording are mine!

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Even since the Tower of Babel, our world has been full of languages. If you’ve ever visited another country where you don’t know the language, you can understand how frustrating it can be to listen to people talking, yet be unable to understand them. Or perhaps you’ve got a financial or legal document that’s in another language. What can you do? Where can you find translation service?

Enter Rosetta Translation. They offer all types of translations, into 23 different languages — that’s all major languages, and quite a few minor ones as well. They can even translate Braille! Once they’ve translated your documents, they can certify or notarize them to meet your needs. Rosetta translates medical documents, legal documents, patents, websites, and more. Their rates are competitive, and they have offices in New York and several other cities — predictably — all over the world.

One interesting tidbit about Rosetta: they translate birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificate, and letters. This would be great if you’re doing your genealogy and get stumped with a particular document. That can happen easily, with handwriting and even some alphabet letters changing over the years.

So next time you come across a document and are tempted to say, “That’s Greek to me!” remember Rosetta (yes, they do translate to/from Greek!).

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