nuNAAT Chocolat Special: Review

Thanks to nuNAAT for providing me products to review. All opinions? Mine alone.

nuNAAT Chocolat Special

If you know me, you know that I’m a big fan of chocolate. So when I learned that there were chocolate hair products out there? Wow, was I curious! It was a fun treat to try out nuNAAT‘s Chocolat Special hair products: Chocolat Creamy Shampoo, Creamy Chocolat Conditioner, and Chocolat Special Chocolate Cream Hair Mask.

The benefits of the Chocolat Special hair products:

  • they contain Cocoa Butte, which provides a heaping dose of antioxidants
  • they’re rich in minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E
  • they contain selenium, found in Brazil nuts
  • they deliver healthy nutrients to hair follicles

Okay, okay. That’s all well and good. But to me, the fun began when I poured out some shampoo. Friends, it looked like chocolate syrup! I am not making this up! Imagine pouring Hershey’s on your head. It was a bit strange, but I went with it. Same thing with the conditioner.

The Mask was really unique. Open up the jar, and you’ll swear that you should spoon this thick chocolate goo onto ice cream. But don’t! Work it into your hair, and you’ll be pleased.

The Chocolat Special products worked great on my hair. Did they turn me into a hair goddess? Well, no — but honestly, I find hair products to be, pretty much — hair products. I didn’t notice any miracles, but they cleaned and conditioned my hair well, and they were really a lot of fun to use.

I think nuNAAT Chocolat Special hair products would be a fun treat for yourself. I also think they would be an incredibly fun birthday gift for a hard-to-buy-for friend. Face it: who doesn’t like chocolate?



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  1. If you are a real chocolate lover, here would be another way to treat yourself! I have some chocolate lotion that I once won in a package from Girls in White Dresses. Do you remember that give away?

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