Be A Shield!

Thanks to ACLS National for connecting with Girls in White Dresses to provide this free “Be a Shield” CPR refresher information. All opinions and thoughts? Mine!

cpr shieldShields: they provide protection. Nowadays, we don’t carry shields around with us (and I’m grateful for that!). But you can be a shield in a very real way — by learning CPR. American Medical Learning Center is promoting their “Be a Shield” program this summer. It encourages you to review CPR techniques in six easy steps, and you can do this at their site.

The information is provided free in order to promote awareness of the proper techniques to use in an emergency.  You can learn how to perform CPR on adults through infants, and also how to conduct the Heimlich maneuver, and how to treat heat exhaustion.

You can even download and display a shield on your website, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook page to encourage family members and friends to review the steps as well.

Do you live in Indiana, as I do? Here’s the Indiana page for RN’s and doctors needing certification. There are similar pages for each state, so you can locate your own easily.

Summer is a time of fun and relaxation, but it’s also a season where accidents can happen. I’m happy that sites like this can help us be prepared!

One thought on “Be A Shield!

  1. So, do you feel that you’re up to date on CPR? I know I’m not, but I couldn’t get on the floor to do it anyway, so I’m just hoping I’ll never be called upon again to do it.

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