Childhood Memories Friday: Graduation Memories

Childhood Memories FridayIt’s graduation season, so how about some graduation memories? I have a few thoughts back to my own 1983 high school graduation.

1983 high school graduation

There I am, in my official school-taken photo after walking down the steps from getting my diploma and shaking hands. I remember being so proud to wear the gold stole for honors grads. I also remember needing to wear a light-colored dress underneath, because those gowns were really thin and anything dark would show through. Also, I remember that that dumb collar-thingy kept shifting around and wouldn’t lay right. Oh well!

Graduation can be a time of tears, but I remember feeling really happy. Sure, I’d enjoyed school, but I was also happy to get on with “real” life. I remember sitting and hearing all the speakers extoll us grads as the hope of the future, etc. etc. etc., and trying to soak up the moment. Somehow, I knew that I’d never be so fawned over again in this lifetime. And that’s largely been true. So enjoy your days in the limelight, kids — they are so special, and so fleeting. And … and … now I’m feeling all King-Solomon-and-book-of-Ecclesiastes, and we don’t need that on a beautiful May morning, now do we?

record bookSo moving along, another memory associated with graduation is my record book, pictured above. I started this as a teen, probably because my mom had a similar one. I still have it, and it’s interesting to look through the pages and see the figuring of my organized youth. I list the clothes I bought (along with sizes, price paid, and store), each babysitting job, each piano student, etc.

Thankfully, I no longer continue this crazy-making ritual, but I found it interesting to locate all my graduation gifts listed on the final pages — because isn’t graduation an ending of sorts?

graduation gift record

I remember how excited I was when my parents told me they would pay for my trip to Europe that summer with the Sound of America Band and Chorus. I had been planning to pay that, and with saving for college that fall as well, my budding finances were tight (although well-documented :)).

I love that the monetary amount of choice appears to be $5. Who says times haven’t changed?

If you’re wondering about the owl items mentioned, those would be due to the fact that our high school mascot was the owl. I never found this strange until later years, when I mentioned it to people who made fun of it! Imagine that. I’d never stopped to consider that perhaps an owl isn’t a very intimidating figure.

What about you? Any graduation memories?



3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Graduation Memories

  1. You failed to mention you were a validictorian of the class of 1983. I was so proud of you. For graduation you wore a skirt and matching blouse YOU made! Another victory. Imagine how many girls wore a dress they had sewn!! I am hoping the S necklace you received isn’t one that I wear occasionally. If so, It’s going back to you!

  2. I’m sorry that there’s no gift listed from Grandma and Grandpa. I imagine that’s because I wasn’t home to engineer that.

  3. How could anyone forget their high school graduation? Not me. Mine was on May 8, 1957, and like you I was valedictorian, too. The one gift that I remember best is the telegram that I received from Indianapolis from Gene and Carolyn Hartley. It was my first and only telegram ever! My first cousin, Gene, was busy preparing for the Indianapolis 500 race,
    since it was early May, of course. He was in the race for 12 years during the late 50s and the 60s. If my memory serves me correctly, his best finish was 8th. Not bad for a country boy from Roanoke, IN.(I’m sure that his wife did the actual sending of the congratulatory telegram.)

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