Mount Vernon Seeds Surprise

Mt Vernon foxglove
Fun surprise recently: in my front flower garden, hiding among the lamb’s ear and bulb greenery, this. It almost looked too perfect to be real, with its tiny white bells. I had to touch it to make sure it wasn’t plastic. Really!

I wondered where it could have come from, and then a thought occurred to me. In 2010, I visited Mount Vernon with one of the girls on a school trip. I wanted to buy something in the (very cool) gift shop there, but not something knick-knacky to sit around collecting dust. I decided on seeds — they stocked several, gathered from the gardens there. How neat to grow a bit of Mt Vernon way back in Indiana!

I bought a pack of Foxglove seeds, and planted them the next summer, and got … nothing. I generally don’t have great luck with seeds, but nothing? Not a single sprout? That was disappointing. When I returned to Mt Vernon with another daughter last year, I bought more seeds. I planted them recently and true to form, nothing has come up. Is it me? Is it the seeds? I don’t know.

But Foxglove, like hope, springs eternal — sometimes, right outside in the garden. I’ll be thinking of George and Martha each time I see these dainty little bells.

Mt Vernon Mount Vernon seeds


Here are the latest Mount Vernon seeds I’ll hope to see springing up someday …

Edit to add: I’ve done a bit of searching, and my “surprise plant” actually looks more like lily-of-the-valley. Oh well, it is lovely no matter its name.



4 thoughts on “Mount Vernon Seeds Surprise

  1. That is lovely! That’s what always happens to me when I plant seeds out in the garden instead of in a pot. They take their own sweet time and come up after I’ve long lost hope. Plants that “look dead” do the same thing, reviving and thriving after I’ve given up on them. Miracles of God’s creation, eh?

  2. The flower you found in your yard grew with great abandon in my back yard on Pine Vista Street. I can’t take credit for them, since I hadn’t planted them. But they multiplied wildly in my back yard.

  3. I should tell Steve to buy some seeds –the class will be there Friday morning.

  4. What you pictured looks like Lily of the Valley – right? They are a sweet little flower. Your seeds remind me we should never give up on planting. We also need to remember this with people in our lives. Some take longer to bloom than others. But do keep tilling the soil and dropping in those tiny seeds.

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