Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People

Childhood Memories FridayFor this week’s walk into the past, let’s look again at Fisher Price Little People. I know I’ve shared about my love of Fisher Price toys before, but I was so fond of them that they deserve more ink.

Fisher Price Little People

This 1974 photo shows my sister and me with some type of Little People feast. Notice all the types of blocks we used (I wonder if we spelled “Oz” on purpose there on the right? I’m hoping it’s not “no!”). I also see a few Pop Tart premium figures mixed in, and a couple of those animals too where if you pushed up on the bottom, their limbs would become limp and they would “dance.” In the background to the right, my beloved Little People houseboat — one of my favorite Fisher Price toys ever. I had so much fun floating that thing in various pools!

I like to think of childhood as this long, creative time where I could bring all my fun ideas to life with my little people. And my sister, on the left, was usually good-natured enough to go along with my plans. Looking at this photo, I remember how many days I had spent playing like this. Then I thought, “Wow. My kids’ childhood has passed so much more quickly!” But I suppose that’s just the nature of passing time. The older you get, the faster it goes.

Life is fleeting. It is to be enjoyed.

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Little People

  1. Let’s make TODAY count. May 10, 2013 will never happen again. Do some random act of kindness!

  2. My daughter loved Fisher-Price toys, too. They were colorful, sturdy, and held up well. What a cute picture of you and Jill! Love your haircut.

  3. Nothing like playing Little People in the playhouse. I could have lived in there!!!

  4. Looks like Uncle Sam headed up the table. Note that one section each got seated on dollhouse pink plastic chairs. Check out out new the carpet looks!

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