Childhood Memories Friday: Crayola Crayons

Childhood Memories FridayRemember crayons? Specifically, remember Crayola crayons? I do; they’ve been around longer than I have. As a child, I was always fascinated with the big 64-crayon box — so much for the 64 crayons as for the amazing crayon sharpener on the box! Alas, I never had one of these gargantuan boxes of crayons. But I do think I was able to use a friend’s sharpener, and as I recall — it didn’t work that well.

Crayola 64 crayon sharpener

I well remember using my Crayolas — always lamenting the way the more popular colors were the first to lose their tips and wear down, and always — always — searching for that elusive peachy “skin color.” I’m sure that “skin color” is now a non-PC term, and I’m equally sure Crayola has dealt with that by issuing a plethora of new colors. But I digress.

Crayola is celebrating its 110th birthday. They’ve sure come a long day from the earliest days …

 Crayola 110th birthday crayons

…(although I think the vintage packaging is charming).

Crayola is keeping up with the times with a celebration on — where else? — Facebook. You can join the Crayola Experience there; the “brick and mortar” Crayola crayons facility will officially open in May, in Easton, Pennsylvania. It features four floors of interactive, colorful Crayola fun. If you’ve got kids and live nearby, I bet it would be a fun vacation destination.

Any Crayola crayons memories out there? Share them in the comments!

Crayola provided me with this information, as well as a pack of crayons.

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Crayola Crayons

  1. Oh, wow, I remember saving my birthday money to buy the 64-box of crayons when I was a little girl – I was so thrilled with it! But you’re right, the sharpener was a disappointment. But all those lovely colors!

  2. Although we didn’t have 64 colors from which to choose, Crayola crayons were around when I was in school in the dark ages!

  3. I only buy CRAYOLA for my students – they are the best!!!

  4. I enjoyed coloring when I was a girl. I would often outline pictures as I colored. I have a Christmas Coloring Book I got at Evansville when I was a young child. For me it is Crayola all the way. Rose Art Crayons are the pits!

  5. we went to crayola experience a few months ago. so fun, except for the fact that several exhibits promoted drawing on walls. siah came home and started drawing on our walls, floors, and even on our computer monitor! i think they just finished (or are still in the middle of) an update of their exhibits.

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