Fun Facts about the George W. Bush Library

You’ve probably heard that the George W. Bush Library and Museum will be opening May 1, on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Its dedication is today, and you’ve no doubt heard that all five living Presidents will attend. I would love to be there as well, but my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.


How about some fun facts about the George W. Bush Library and Museum?
1. The Bush family’s dog, Barney, gets a prominent exhibit in the museum. Animal lovers (like me) will enjoy this — there’s a ball that the late Presidential dog has chewed on. You may remember that Barney passed away earlier this year. The family’s other Scottish Terrier, Miss Beazley, survives. She is featured in the exhibit, too.

2.  In homage to George and Laura Bush’s love of Texas, the exhibit will include a 15-acre Texas prairie. This will include Texas wildflowers, native grasses, and even some trees transplanted from the family’s Crawford TX ranch.

3. The museum features a full-size replica of the Oval Office. This is as close to the real Oval Office as most Americans will ever get. A replica of the Resolute desk, used by President Bush, will be there as well.

4. You’ll find a container of chads. Remember the famous “hanging chads” that were so controversial during the contentious 2000 election results?

5.  The bullhorn that George W. Bush used to address rescue workers in New York City after 9/11 will be displayed as well.

Twisted steel beams from the World Trade Center are on display too. Who can forget that awful day?

Once while visiting my aunt in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was able to visit Gerald Ford’s Presidential Museum. It was fascinating, and if any of you live close enough to visit the George W. Bush Library and Museum, I urge you to. Then leave a comment on what you most enjoyed.

I miss the leadership of George and Laura Bush, and wish them well in this new venture. May God bless America!

5 thoughts on “Fun Facts about the George W. Bush Library

  1. Well written, Susan. I share all your thoughts, particularly the last paragraph.

  2. Thank you for the info on the Bush Library! I really hope to see it in person some day, if we ever get out there where Joe spent a couple of years in the Army during the Vietnam era. Recently, I finished reading Laura Bush’s book, Spoken from the Heart, and it reminded me all over again what a great Presidential couple the Bushes were and are. It was liking reliving U.S. history from 2000 – 2008.

  3. Did you see where the elder Pres. Bush said a few words, then looked at his son and said, “Too long?” They are a charming family.

  4. I heard a little bit about this library/museum but I didn’t know all these details. Sounds VERY interesting! I wonder if we would ever make it down there to check it out. I will mark this on our destinations of field trips that I would like to take and until then, we will look for an online tour. I am right there with you on your last statement.

    Thanks again for the info!
    Take care,

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