Inexpensive Graduation Gift Idea: I Need Cookies!

Spring is here, and that means Graduation parties and Graduation open houses. Lots of them, if you have a teen. What are some graduation gift ideas that are fun and creative without breaking the bank? Here’s an inexpensive graduation gift idea that I love: I Need Cookies.

I Need Cookies postcard graduation gift idea

First, make a postcard saying “I Need Cookies” (or let your kids do this!). Stamp it and address it to yourself. Give this to the grad, along with a note letting him/her know that she can mail it to you (adding her address) sometime during the school year when she’s tired of dorm food and craving some home-baked cookies.

graduation gift idea cookies

Hopefully, several months later you’ll receive the postcard in the mail, and then you can get busy baking and packing.

I did this as a gift for our neighbor, who graduated last year. I added it to a fun necklace I found on Etsy, and she really enjoyed it. It’s a unique graduation gift, doesn’t cost a lot, and it’s something the grad can enjoy later, after all the graduation excitement has worn off.

Do you have inexpensive graduation gift ideas? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Inexpensive Graduation Gift Idea: I Need Cookies!

  1. I have often taken a fabric laundry bag and inside it I put a bottle of detergent and an old film container filled with quarters. That way they can do some laundry at my expense.

  2. I have always wanted to give this gift…maybe this year!

  3. Where on earth did you come up with this idea, Susan? I would never think of it.

  4. A roll of quarters for the washers is a good idea. A set of snacks is also good: instant oatmeal, nuts, granola bars, microwave popcorn, teas, etc and a plate, cup, and bowl set is also good. A small and sturdy laundry basket that will fit in a college closet is handy. A shower tote, body wash, shampoo, wash clothes and bath sponge will be appreciated. How about a nice insulated coffee/ hot chocolate/ smoothie to-go mug?

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