Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayThis Menu Plan Monday, I would be remiss in not giving a big THANKS to my youngest daughter. She designed this button, all on her own!

This week’s menu plan Monday heralds a busy week. Sure, they all are, but this one is busier than most. There are band/orchestra concerts on two nights, 4-H another, and a slumber party on yet another. Add in 13 piano students, and meal prep time is a challenge. Here’s the plan:

Monday: Easy Baked Cheddar Chicken — something I saw online recently and “pinned” (yes, despite holding out for months, I am finally on Pinterest, although not very much).

Tuesday: Baked Mac n Cheese — I haven’t made this, but all my kids love mac ‘n cheese, and OrgJunkie (who hosts MPM each week) posted this recipe last week. Sounds good!

Wednesday: Tex Mex Taco Packets — packets of any type are always popular here — easy to personalize.

Thursday: Easy Cheesy Spaghetti Casserole (crock pot) — good, and easy for a busy night like this will be …

Friday: Frozen Pizzas — slumber party!

What does your Menu Plan Monday involve?

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. With your present lifestyle (and they do keep changing for everybody) I would rely heavily on your crock pot. I’ve been giving my own a good run for its money lately. I got mine the Christmas Ellen was born. Once when we lived on Walnut Street, while washing it, I DROPPED it on the kitchen floor and it did not break. Miracle!!

  2. Yum!!! Hope to join you for Thursday’s dinner!

  3. If only I could, I’d join you for any of these meals. They all look good.

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