Childhood Memories Friday: School Play

Childhood Memories FridayAs I look back through photographs from my childhood, I’m struck by how many fewer pictures we (our family, and I assume most) took then, compared to now. I think one single photograph documents my entire school journey — at least, I can only find one photo taken of me inside school. Ready for it?

school play 1974

If my memory is correct, this was a rather big deal to me at the time. It’s taken in December 1974, when I think I would have been in fourth grade. Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed writing. Other kids would come home and play softball — I would come home and read or write.

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Baughman, was kind and perceptive enough to let me (and another girl, Marcilynn I’m thinking?) write a school play for the class to perform. I think the script has been lost to history, but I remember how excited I was to stay in with Marcilynn during recess, working on our play. I think this photo shows our performance — the kids in the desks are probably kids from another class who came to watch.

I’m near the center, wearing my Christmas jumper with a red top and navy bottom, in all my glory.

Fond memories of those days, when teachers had the flexibility to depart from the curriculum to let kids follow their strengths and interests. The tightening of standards in school nowadays is a major reason why I haven’t pursued returning to the classroom, where I taught for 8 years before my kids were born.

I recognize several kids in the photo. I regret that so much of it is focused on the lights, because it would be interesting to see more of the classroom. I see (and remember) that area to the right — there was a sink there. Do elementary classrooms still have sinks? I don’t think mine did when I taught.


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  1. Why don’t you contact Marcilynn about this experience? Her mother may have taken far better pictures. Maybe she would remember more about the play, or even have kept the script. Miracles still happen every day!

  2. Here I am – again. I KNOW one classroom you taught in had a sink because I came along with you before school began and cleaned out under the sink. In the process I found an 8 x 8 aluminum pan that was in bad shape. I kept it. Years later I fixed a dessert in the pan and sent it to a friend. When she returned that pan I was flabbergasted. She had cleaned it up in an amazing way. It looked brand new and does to this day!

  3. Sharon – What a great picture to have — and in color too!
    And you do indeed stand out in the picture. I’ve read your comments about feeling awkward as a child. I never thought of you that way,and I’ve seen a lot of children! But I can identify with your feelings because I was always the tallest girl (or worse, the tallest child) in the class, and I was not comfortable with that. There are so many girls now that are much taller than I am, that I’m sometimes amazed. Now
    I’m getting shorter, and I don’t like that either. I can no longer reach the top shelves of my cabinets. I had my 80th birthday last month, so I guess I’ll have to get used to it!

  4. Well, Susan, I guess I just lived up to my age, since I called you Sharon. I can’t blame that entirely on age, because I used to do that when I taught and had multiple children from the same family. I would sometimes call them by their siblings names. Plus, I’ll blame it on this format, because I couldn’t figure out how to proofread it.
    Back when we did a lot of traveling and everyone had CB radios, my “handle” was Mother Hen. One time one of my five year old students gave me a little figurine of a hen and chicks, because he said it reminded him of me. He was one of the many that I’ll never forget.

  5. This is a picture I don’t recall having seen. I’m glad you were allowed to write the play. I don’t think I ever desired to write when I was that young. It was something that developed years later.

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