Easter in Christmas Town

We were visiting relatives over the weekend and ended up in our usual spot, Frankenmuth, Michigan — also known as “Christmas Town.” On the way in, one daughter commented that it was a shame we came here all the time, yet never got to actual experience the shops in town. I had had the same thought many times.

So, on Saturday morning, the girls and I took off for the tourist mecca.

Frankenmuth Michigan
I loved learning that Frankenmuth was founded the same yearย King Ludwig II was born!

Frankenmuth Michigan

I’m just going to consider this the year’s Easter pic ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was so pretty there with all the colorful egg decorations.

Frankenmuth Michigan

I loved seeing the glockenspiel tell the story of the Pied Piper. Reminds me of the one in Munich.

Frankenmuth Michigan

Extra bits of fun, like getting to feed a horse (I did expect it to take the horse more than 2 seconds to eat $1 worth of food, though).

Frankenmuth MichiganWe always make our own fun on outings like this (we think we spied Hitler in the window on the left!). Seriously, I love the murals on the buildings. Takes me back to Bavaria …

sign grammar errorAs usual, mom ‘n pop-type stores always seem to offer a haven for stray apostrophes looking for a place to hang out.

fudgeAren’t you happy to know that fudge is “relatively healthy?” ๐Ÿ™‚

Michigan drunkExhibit A in the “keepin’ it classy” category. I’m mystified here that they were able to get the apostrophe in “I’m,” and yet the one in “lets” eluded them. Maybe they were drunk?

Frankenmuth River Place

I hope you enjoyed this little trip to Bavaria as much as I did. Belated Happy Easter to all — He is risen indeed!




7 thoughts on “Easter in Christmas Town

  1. Very fun – good picture of the girls! I am attempting to help my students NOT become adults who don’t know where apostrophes belong!!!

  2. Frankinmuth, MI is a fun place to visit. I have only been there once, so it was neat to take the tour around town once again. The girls are enjoying themselves hanging out with Mom! It has always bugged me about the misuse of apostrophes, too.

  3. Loved this tour! Such a pretty place, and loved your comments. The picture of the girls is just darling! As for the apostrophe conundrum, I guess they’d used their extra apostrophe in the restaurant sign and didn’t have one left for the t-shirt! Love the glockenspiel, I’m so fond of clocks like that. And I’d always suspected that fudge was “relatively” healthy, so I’m glad to have it corroborated! I’m semi-housebound at the moment, so thanks for sharing your outing with me.

  4. This is one of the cutest posts I’ve ever read here, both the comments and the pictures. Good job, Susan. I’m glad you took advantage of the opportunity.

  5. I love Frankenmuth Michigan. You did the right thing enjoying your Saturday hours exploring the town. I would suspect Easter weekend it probably was not too crowded. I recall being there one November night when Christmas lights were turned on for the holiday season. It is a neat memory.

  6. It’s my hope that I’ll eventually get to visit there.

  7. I’m happy to announce that I got to visit Frankenmuth this past fall. The meal at the Bavarian Inn was one of the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Since my heritage is German, that meal took me back to New Year’s Day meals at my aunt and grandmother’s house. (Are my apostrophes used correctly? Ha! Just kidding.)

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