Childhood Memories Friday: Easter Memories of Days Gone By

Easter Memories

Childhood Memories Friday
Any Easter memories of days gone by? So much time has passed that it’s hard for me to remember much of my earliest Easters.

Easter 1965

Easter 1965

There I am, all decked out in 1965 for my first Easter. I obviously have no memories of this, but my main thought upon looking at this picture is amazement that I was alive then — looks like a screen shot from an episode of “Leave it to Beaver,” doesn’t it? My, how times (and fashions) change …

Easter 1965Here I am inside, in my Easter coat and Easter bonnet — bells on my shoes, even — posing with my new Easter bunny,  but apparently more interested in my fingers.

Easter 1966A year later, it’s Easter 1966. I’m standing now, and it appears I got an inflatable bunny, a sand bucket, and holy cow — a whole lotta other stuff. Is this Easter, or Christmas? I guess there are advantages to being the first-born …

Easter 1966One more, with the obligatory Easter bonnet 🙂

I remember Easter egg hunts, going to church on Easter morning, hearing Easter books, and usually getting a stuffed bunny. Oh, and I also remember chocolate rabbits. I preferred the hollow ones since they were easier to eat, and I even ate those creepy candy eyes.

What are some Easter memories you have?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Easter Memories of Days Gone By

  1. I remember finding some boiled eggs which were cooling on the small porch off our farmhouse living room/bedroom area. I think it had something to do with my deciding against the Easter Bunny’s existence.

  2. I always remember shopping for an Easter hat and white gloves for church.

  3. Thanks for the memories! I have a very graphic memory of an Easter morning when I was 13 1/2, and my “red grandmother” (If you know what I mean) came to visit me for the first time. I was ill prepared.

  4. EASTER for me always revolved around church and family dinners and rightly so. We always attended Sunrise Services (still do), the Easter breakfast at church, and regular morning service. Then it was off to Grandpa and Grandma McLaughlin’s house for dinner and playing with a few first cousins near my own age. Plenty of candy and egg hunting prevailed. My earliest Easter memory was around age 5 when it was way too cold and snowy for the outdoor egg hunt. My parents wanted to hide eggs inside that year, but I insisted on the traditional outdoor hunt and they actually honored my wishes, but my father hid the eggs around bushes and trees very close to the house.
    That way I was only out in the cold for a very short period of time.

    As a grownup my favorite EASTER was when my first child was born on Saturday, the day before Easter. That was the only Easter in my entire life that I missed church on Easter morning. What an exciting day it was! Carl Alan weighed in at 8lb. 15 oz. and 21 and 1/2 inches long. He was born on April 5,

  5. What adorable pictures of you, Susan! Yes, there are advantages to being the first born. What a treat it was to have a new Easter outfit complete from head to toe to wear to church that day! Everyone of all ages wore hats and gloves, so unfamiliar today.

  6. I remember always complaining that my basket wasn’t hidden well enough….imagine my surprise one year when I finally located it, on the roof of our house!

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