Childhood Memories Friday: Carbon Paper

Childhood Memories FridaySometimes, a blast from the past will wander into my day. This happened the other day as I was getting ready to shred some old tax papers. What did I come across but an old credit card receipt, with — yes — carbon paper.

Carbon paper. Remember that? The black paper sheets we rolled into the typewriter in order to make two copies of what we typed (and what a pain it was when you made a mistake. No backspacing and correcting a letter easily; nope, you had to finagle a bit of correction paper behind the carbon and also on the original paper. I truly think I’m a “sloppier” typist now, since corrections are so easy)?

I called a daughter down and showed her the carbon paper, explaining how it worked. She drew a picture using it, fascinated by its “magic.”

carbon paper

Then of course, carbon paper was always part of credit card receipts. Remember the contraptions store clerks put the credit card into, before sliding the piece over the card and then handing you one of the copies? I remember working at JCPenney and processing credit card payments on those forms.

Do you remember carbon paper?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Carbon Paper

  1. I still have sheets of it. I held one up to the light and could see I had typed about visiting Melissa Ashley. Esther Schneider was there, too. Boy, that’s been decades. Melissa has moved and Esther has died. . .

  2. Boy do I remember carbon paper! I typed many papers in college over 50 years ago using it. You are right about the correcting the troublesome mistakes. One professor would not let you turn in a paper that had more than 3 corrected mistakes on any one page. After about 30 pages of that, including bibliography and all, I would be “bonkers”. Computers are wonderful! When we moved last year, I found some carbon paper left over from the sixties. It was a delight to throw it away, remembering all of the anxiety it once caused me.

  3. I used to type 10-12 letters at a time from Africa using carbon paper. At one point, I received a gift of a package of carbon paper in the mail because those at the back end of the stack couldn’t read what I had written. Yes, I *well* remember carbon paper. (If I looked long enough, I might still be able to find some in my possession unless it got pitched when I moved.) And yes, I remember the carbon copies on credit card transactions, too. Those were the days!

  4. Thanks for reminding me of something I had TOTALLY forgotten!

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