Kroger’s Cart Buster Savings Event & Select Your Deal

Today, a little news from one of the grocery stores I visit frequently, Kroger.

Kroger’s Cart Buster Savings Event

March 3-16, Kroger is featuring one of their best sales of the year, the Cart Buster Savings Event. It’s your chance to save on hundreds of items, and as you’ll see if you click through the Cart Buster link, you’ll see that the sale includes many products you use all the time.

Bounty towelsMany of the products are made by P&G. One of our favorites: Bounty paper towels. We go through a lot of paper towels, and Bounty is a great brand because their towels really hold up. The family can count on Bounty, whether it’s to clean up a pet’s cage, wipe up a spill, or clean something to a shine.

TostitosPepsiCo products are included as well, and one of our favorites there would have to be Tostitos. The kids particularly love the Scoops version — perfect for scooping up some salsa, soup, our whatever is around to combine with their salty goodness. They also have 0 trans fats, which is important to a health-conscious family.

Kroger’s Select Your Deal Promotion

March 8-15, the Cart Buster Savings Event has some added savings, in the form of the Select Your Deal Promotion. Here’s how it works:

On March 8 (that’s today) and March 15, visit this link for a random digital coupon that you can use at Kroger (you’ll need to have a Kroger savings card to do this, but if you shop at a Kroger store you already have one). This coupon will offer savings in addition to the great sale prices already in the stores.

It’s called Select Your Deal because you’ll be shown three random coupons, and you get to select the one you want. These are GREAT coupons — none of my options were the measly .25-off-3 types that I dislike. The options vary by customer, but I was shown $1.50 off Old Spice Body Wash, $2 off 2 Jello 4-packs, or a FREE 3-oz Iams cat food. Guess which one I chose? Which coupon did you choose today?
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  1. I wish we had a Kroger store here, but in the city where Meijer started, no such luck.

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