Childhood Memories Friday: Dad turns 35

Childhood Memories FridayToday, a photo celebrating 1970s memories: my dad’s 35th birthday, which, as you’ll note from the calendar towel on the wall, was in 1974. My mom noted on the back Dad sadly turns 35.

dad birthday 1974And indeed, only my sister (on the left) appears happy. Why my dad and I are so morose, I can’t say. Maybe it’s our discomfort at the fact that the cake appears to be levitating over the skillet of hamburger straganoff (his favorite meal)?

What to notice … I think Mom still has those plastic cups. I remember the metal pitcher as well. In addition to the calendar towel on the wall behind us (did everyone have those in the ’70s, or was it just us?), I see a plate my sister made. Each of us made an artwork plate in kindergarten, and I think I still have mine. It depicted, not surprisingly, a rabbit.

Of course,  my sister and I both are sporting our sad, sad short haircuts. Looks like even Dad may have had longer hair than us? We’re also wearing matching Mickey Mouse-print dresses, I’m assuming made by our grandma?

If you were alive in 1974, any 1970s memories you can share?


6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Dad turns 35

  1. I love memory Friday! And yes, calendar towels were required in all American kitchens in 1974. .

  2. Oh my! memories galore! My aunt had the towel calendar and I remember finding one from around ’79 in the drawer when we stayed there in ’93! I was always embarrassed that my Mom wouldn’t allow plastic anything–we had real [glass] glasses! The matching dresses are priceless. Don’t worry about the hair–we all had those “pixie” cuts! Great photo! Great memories! I love these posts!

  3. Your dad does look morose! Memories of the 70s: Some of the best years of my life as I lived and worked in Cedarville during most of the 70s. I enjoyed it.

  4. I made your dresses. I think I really made them for our trip to Disney World. We got that iron skillet for a wedding gift and it’s still going strong. Christmas 2012 I received from a friend a 1974 Campbell Soup calendar towel. I hemmed the 1974 part at the bottom and it now hangs by my computer in the kitchen. It works perfectly for 2013 with how the days fall! I’m finding it so useful! As to the gold pitcher, I won that at a picnic we attended when we both worked for Holland Custard & Ice Cream. It seems the picnic may have been held at Santa Claus Land. I, of course, still have the pitcher, too.

  5. What a joy to read your “take” on life in the 1970s all from this one picture! As they always say, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words”. Sometimes I think that it is more like 10,000 words. Yes, calendar towels were the big rage in those days! We had a new one each year, of course. And I still love the Audrey Hepburn short “pixie” hairdos! So easy to take care of that I never gave those up, not even yet. Thanks for the memories!

  6. Grandma always had calendar towels in the dining room of the house on Second Street. At the end of the year, she took them down and used them for kitchen towels. This picture brings back soooo many memories!

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