Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas 1973

Christmas 1973Observations from this photo, labeled Christmas 1973:

  • It’s amazing to me that this photo was deemed worthy to save and put into the family album. After all, I’m halfway decapitated! Then again, that was a common occurrence back then. Not sure whether it was operator error or whether cameras have just improved?
  • My sister is wearing my aunt’s wig. I assume I knew at that point that my aunt wore a wig, but I do remember once when I was young accidentally tugging my aunt’s hair (maybe taking a piggy-back ride?). It began to come off, and I was terrified! I’d scalped her!
  • My shoes. My word. Or actually, there are no words. Looks like I raided Joe Kennedy’s closet in the 1930s or something. Was all children’s footwear so sad around 1970? Visits to the shoe store are a bad childhood memory to me, as you may know if you’ve read my memoir. I saw my large feet as a cross I had to bear, although I can’t say I did it gladly, and heaven knows shoes like this weren’t helping matters.
  • It’s amazing how the details of a photo can define an era. Check out the carpet and the furniture here, screaming 1970.

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  1. Love and totally remember this photo…and that Christmas, too!

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