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Touch & Go GardnerI’m reviewing Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner for the BlogHer book club. Here’s my Touch & Go review:

This is a action-packed mystery thriller — not my usual genre, but I was enticed by the description of the book as a “psychological thriller.” I’m always up for getting inside people’s heads and seeing what they’re thinking.

In Touch & Go, the wealthy Denbe family is kidnapped by three professional thugs. They’re taken to a new yet unopened prison (built, coincidentally (?) by Justin Denbe’s construction firm), where the thugs terrorize them for three days before a decidedly violent and action-packed (yeah, I know I used that phrase already, yet it’s just appropriate) conclusion.

The good things in the book: Lisa Gardner writes well. As a fellow author, I always look at books now from the perspective of a writer as well as a reader. Her writing flows, and I never had to stop over awkward phrasing or self-conscious prose. The writing is easy to read. Also, I think she was smart in setting up this book to appeal to both men and women. The men may like the action and violence. There’s plenty of that. But for the women, we have the story’s female protagonist, as well as a lead detective who’s female too.

The not-so-good: Despite its star billing, I felt that the story was a bit flat. The publicity copy breathlessly goes on about hidden secrets, “pain having a flavor,” etc. etc. — yet in the end, I found that I’d read over 400 pages of a merely meh tale with few surprises. I also wasn’t a fan of the profanity, nor was I fond of protagonist Libby Denbe’s incessant naval-gazing (maybe that was what prompted the “psychological thriller” billing? To me, it just came across as whining).

So, if you’re a fan of action-packed (third time’s a charm!), violent tales, pick this one up. Otherwise, I’d say it’s touch and go as to whether you’ll find this a winner.

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  1. I am so glad I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the language. It is just ridiculous!!

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