A New Home for Lily: Review

A New Home for LilyA New Home for Lily, reviewed by 11-year-old Sophie:

This book was a sequel to “Life with Lily”.  The book is pretty much the same as the previous book, telling about different parts of Lily’s life.  The thing that struck me about this book was all the mean characters.  There was a mean girl named Effie that ripped up all of Lily’s precious paper dolls, and  a boy named Aaron who once filled Lily’s desk with grasshoppers.

Overall I liked this book and give it 4 stars.

I recommend this book for ages 8-11.

Available February 2013 from Revell. Thanks to them for a review copy of this book!

3 thoughts on “A New Home for Lily: Review

  1. Interesting review, Sophie. I hope you do not have mean people in your life! Some good things that have been happening in your life lately make me joyful. You make some of the good things happen. We can celebrate the cartoon character being published because you made the effort to draw it. You got a gold on your flute because you worked really hard on your flute, etc. Keep on being a great person! I can’t wait to see what all is ahead for you!

  2. Must be a good book. The reviewer reads more than almost anyone I know!!! Love you, Sophie!

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