Childhood Memories Friday: Happy 8th Birthday!

childhood-memories-friday-3Today’s look into the past courtesy of the old family photo album.

Happy 8th Birthday!

8th birthday 1972I think photos are important, and here’s a case in point. If I didn’t have this photo, I don’t think I’d have any memories of this birthday at all. I notice that darn zebra jumper that I seem to have on in about 50% of all photos taken in this era. I’m also wearing what looks like 2(?!) of those birthday buttons with ribbons hanging down — probably got them in Sunday school?

Beside me is my younger sister, and on the table is her Fisher Price 3 Bears Cottage, which I lusted over way too much in childhood. I’m not sure why it’s on the table, teasing me with its inaccessibility. And is that a monkey peeking out of the candle on my cake? And who could forget the pastel plastic cups? I think my mom still uses them.

We can see out the kitchen’s sliding glass doors to the backyard. If you could see right behind me, our rabbit hutches would be in evidence in the yard, by that tree. I remember the cutting board setting up on the counter, and also that thing hanging on the wall above it. Also those kitchen curtains and the very ’60s blue upholstered kitchen chairs.

Birthday parties were a big deal for a 1970s birthday, not something done each year.

1970s girlsNow let’s step through those sliding glass doors onto the patio, for a group photo after the party. I love how most of the girls are wearing skirts or dresses! In 1972, dresses must have still been “in.” I remember at least the names of each of these girls. To the right of me, Missy. She loved horses so much that she often ate grass at recess to prove her obsession. To her right, Cyndy. She got married at 16, and I believe her wedding was the first I ever played piano for. Even at the time, 16 seemed really young to get married!

I’m not sure what Karen is up to in the back row, but Regina and Amy seem fascinated by it.

What do you remember from your 8th birthday?

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Happy 8th Birthday!

  1. I like your favors – looks like I wrapped up assorted candies in Saran Wrap and stuffed this in ice cream cones. Looks like your balloons came courtesy of Burger Queen!

  2. I tried to comment on your review of Let the Hurricane Roar, but the comment box wouldn’t come up. Maybe the site closes comments on older posts? I know some bloggers do that to try to avoid spammers. But I am hoping to read that one this year. I have heard that it is much more grim than the Little House books.

    I’m so glad you’ll be joining in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Reading Challenge!

    I don’t remember anything about being 8 years old, LOL! I do remember one carnival type party with three cousins–we all had birthdays in August– but I don’t remember what year it was.

  3. It would have looked almost the same as yours!! I think it was the year before that we could finally wear pants to school in the winter–a fact that amazes my daughter (and yes, even in northern Illinois and Wisconsin we WALKED to school in the winter). Did your Mom make you invite each girl in your class, too?

  4. You won’t believe this, but my 8th birthday is one of the best remembered ones from my youth! That is because I was away at Church Camp the week of my birthday, and as it approached I was becoming increasingly homesick, thinking about not being at home for my birthday and all. The cabin counselor was aware of my “birthday blues” so she called my folks, and they came up to camp (about 40 – 50) miles from home the evening of July 8 with a yummy homemade birthday cake with caramel icing. What a neat surprise! I was given the choice of going home with them that night, or waiting another 2 or 3 days until camp ended on Saturday. After that short reunion I was OK and decided to stay at camp. By the time I was 9 and 10, I never missed church camp, and I never ever got homesick again.

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