Childhood Memories Friday: Playing Wedding

Childhood Memories FridayToday’s childhood memory: playing wedding. Did you do that as a child?

kids playing wedding

Here are me and my sister, playing wedding forty years ago. We had been flower girls in our aunt’s wedding in January 1973. Those were the flowers we carried, and we had a lot of fun re-enacting the event. See Raggedy Ann peeking out in the background?

Even more vivid, although I have no photos, are the memories of playing wedding with our Barbies. I had a Barbie wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, both of which got a lot of wear. They were homemade, maybe by my grandma?

We lived in a split-level house, and the short staircase was perfect for the Barbie wedding procession to descend. Of course, there was always the problem of not enough available men (this seems to be a dilemma in real life as well). Last night, my daughter was reading a book I’d filled out as a child. When asked what I most wanted, I’d written “Alan.” She asked me about this, and I immediately remembered that Alan was a friend of Ken’s. I think I only had one “male Barbie” as a child, so Alan must have never shown up.

Any “playing wedding” memories from your childhood?


2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Playing Wedding

  1. You both look filled with wedded bliss. I love the picture of the settee with its former upholstery. I think I got that set of furniture from Justina’s family auction in 1973, too. The person who made your Barbie wedding clothes would have been Mary Ellen. Wasn’t the bridesmaid dress green? That was from fabric used for bridesmaids’ in Mary Ellen & Roger’s wedding. Mary Ellen probably made their outfits, too. She may have made her own wedding dress. I forgot.

  2. Mary Ellen made her own wedding gown. I think we used to play wedding on the farm, didn’t we? This picture brings back happy memories.

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