Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Toys

Fisher Price toys: I love them. I know I’ve written about them before, but I’ve had this 1969 Fisher Price ad on my desktop for a while and thought now was a good time to bring it out.

1969 Fisher Price ad

I recognize the boat, the school bus, the piano, the ferris wheel, and the farm. Actually, I recognize pretty much everything there, either from the church nursery or friends’ houses. I still have the ferris wheel and barn here — still love the way the barn door “moos” every time it opens or shuts. I also loved how the hens would “perch” on the fence tops and other places as well. Fisher Price toys had so many details that captivated me, and, I suspect, millions of others kids as well.

Back in the early ’90s when I was teaching, brought my Fisher Price castle to school each year for the kids to play with when we did our medieval unit of study. Once, one of the kids broke one of the horses’ legs, which did not make me happy. I remember one of the kids bringing in his own similar horse the next day to replace mine 🙂

How many of these Fisher Price toys did you have at your house growing up?

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Fisher Price Toys

  1. My children loved Fisher Price toys while growing up in the 1960s! They did not have as large of a collection as you describe, but these toys were sturdy and stood the test of time for sure. It warmed my heart to think of these delightful toys again. Thanks for sharing the ad and your comments.

  2. I remember playing with the barn in particular with my little brother… I loved the mooing barn door too! I always loved the telephone that rolled along and its eyes rolled, too. and the dachsund! Such great toys…

  3. We had the telephone at my grandmothers. Otherwise, since my brother was born in ’58 most of my early toys were his. We didn’t have ANY of the ones you’d expect! If we had once had them, they were passed down to my cousin I supposed since she’s 3 years younger than me!

    Great post! I love these!

  4. I cannot document this fact, but I honestly think we three Schulte sisters had an early Fisher Price pull toy. Elaine, any memories about one from you?
    I have memories time will never erase of the role Fisher-Price toys played in my girls’ childhood years. They were wonderfully made to endure generations!

  5. I have no memory of having a Fisher Price toy. Maybe I’ve just forgotten.

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