Childhood Memories Friday: Walt Disney World, July 1973

Childhood Memories FridayMy youngest daughter just returned from a trip to Disney World with her aunt and uncle. I am currently wading through images on the camera card that made the trip as well — 653 images.

This reminded me of our family’s childhood trip to Disney World in July 1973, its second summer in operation. I’m currently borrowing the photo album covering that period, and guess how many photos we have in Disney World?


Yes, that is correct. Digital cameras have indeed changed the way we document our memories, huh?

Walt Disney World, July 1973

Here is one of the treasured five:

Disney World 1973 Cinderella CastleThere’s my dad, front and center in front of Cinderella’s castle. To the left, my frail younger sister, and next to her, decidedly non-frail me. I love looking at the fashions of the day — the guy(?) in plaid shorts and a patterned shirt — eesh. The forest green wife-beater is a style-miss as well. I’m guessing the July crowds in front of the castle are much greater now?

Disney World 1973Here’s my mom with my sister and me. Here, we’re in the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. Back in ’73, the Magic Kingdom was Disney World. None of the other parks had yet been built. Epcot would come next, but not until 1982. My mom sure looks skinny, but then again, she was only in her early 30s. I liked that flag dress I’m wearing, and wore it often — most notably, in my 2nd grade school picture. Looks like Jill and I had some kind of patriotic theme going for the day. Again, I’m finding the lack of crowds refreshing.

Did you visit Disney World in its early years? Any memories?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Walt Disney World, July 1973

  1. Looks like Dad wore his brown double knit slacks.
    On the second photo, Jill’s doing a fancy move with her pose. Looks like you didn’t have the 2 P.M. stance down quite yet.

  2. Oh, yes, we went all the time! One of the benefits of living in Florida. I went with my family, the youth group, the band, both day trips and camping trips, and what fun we had! You’re right, the photos are much less numerous then. But I do have some good ones!

  3. 5 pictures is amazing – sorry for the 500+….had an incredible time with Soph!

  4. I still pray that the day will come that I can visit. It’s been on my bucket list since long before there were bucket lists!

  5. Hello fellow Hoosier, (that’s kind of a hard term for a Boilermaker to use!) Thanks for the comment. I went to your blog, and I had to look twice at the picture of you at The Magic Kingdom. I freaked because they look just like the ones I have of me at about the same time! I’m 50, ok, I’ll be 51 in May. Gotta fly and take the girls to school, but I will try to get back and learn more about you. Leontein’s viewing is today and funeral tomorrow on her birthday of all days. I can’t make it over today; we all have to be at Danville, IL at 4:15 our time, so I will try to head across state and be there for her tomorrow.

    ~Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

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