Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas 1965

Christmas 1965

Christmas 1965: Lyndon Johnson has just finished 2 years as president. A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered on Dec. 9.  “Turn, Turn, Turn” was the top pop song. It was my second Christmas, and at 14 months, I have no memory of it.

But thanks to the wonder of photography, I can experience it again. I notice a few things. First, I think it’s interesting how my mom typed on the top of the photo (and remember back when photos were all square and had these white borders?). She did this on many of the photos in the album. I also spot a familiar photo of my grandparents behind me, and a very 60s-looking tree. I’m surrounded by my gifts, and — you kind of guessed this, didn’t you? — I still have several of those items.

Fisher Price Pudgy Pig Mailbox

 My butt no longer fits in the rocking chair, but the chair remains. So do the Fisher Price Pudgy Pig and the Playskool Postal Station, and, although they’re showing their age, “The Littlest Snowman” and “Kewtee Bear Santa’s Helper” are around too. Can you find each of them in the original photo?

Do you have any memories of Christmas 1965, or any other evidence of it?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas 1965

  1. The Fisher Price Telephone is in your closet here. I’ll bet the Avon box and container is in the attic. It was sort of like a Potato Head – You could pull off the facial features. The Gingerbread Box is probably Avon, too. I am glad you take care of your things!

  2. Neat entry! I loved the pictures from then and now! I am sure that I have a photo album upstairs with pictures from Christmas 1965, but I haven’t had time to sort through them yet. One of my winter projects is to get all of my old albums in numerical order at least. Julie was 3 that year when you were 2.

  3. Christmas 1965 saw me working my first nursing job at Witham Memorial Hospital in Lebanon, Indiana. I had my own little Christmas tree in the room I had in the building next door to the hospital, in which a few of us female hospital personnel lived. The tree was about 18 inches high and was decorated with miniature Christmas balls. Thanks for the memories!

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