How to Make a Baby Tag Blanket

baby tag blanket

How to Make a Baby Tag Blanket

A few years ago, I discovered a neat little fabric store not far from here. The girls and I have visited several times. It’s in an old house, full of winding hallways and rooms full to the ceiling with fabrics. So much fun!

One thing they have that I really love is ready-made kits to make baby tag blankets. These are flannel on one side with satin on the back (see the top right corner my daughter is holding). On each side, there are several looped ribbon tags that are fun for babies to feel and put their fingers through. Apparently, “Taggies” are all the rage now.

These are so easy to make (takes about 90 minutes) that I thought you might like a baby tag blanket tutorial so you can make one as a gift (or for yourself!). I like this design because, unlike many others I’ve seen, the top has a quilt design rather than simply one piece of fabric.

You’ll need:

  • 4 coordinating flannel fabrics (1/4 yd of each)
  • an 18.5″¬† square of satin
  • an 18.5″ square of batting
  • 4 20″ lengths of ribbons of your choice, with each cut into 5″ pieces
  • thread. That’s it!

Cut four¬† 5″ squares from each flannel pattern. Arrange them in a diamond pattern (see photo).

Stitch together each row of squares, using a 1/4″ seam. Press seams open.

Stitch rows together, using 1/4″ seams again. Press seams open.

Fold ribbon pieces in half (wrong sides together), and pin them around the edge of the quilt top. Pin raw edges of the ribbon loops even with the raw edge of the quilt top (ribbon loops will be facing toward the center of the quilt). Baste or pin the ribbons into place.

Layer the batting, then the quilt top (face up), then the satin layer (face down). Sew through all layers with a 1/4″ seam, leaving a 4″ opening to turn.

Trim corners and turn rightside out through opening. Press, and top stitch around entire quilt to close opening and to give it a finished look — again, 1/4″ margin.




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  1. Does Caroline sell her ready made tag blankets? They are so neat!

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