Menu Plan Monday

A new year beacons — how was your Christmas? Mine was nice; I enjoyed a few days off from cooking. This is a pretty quiet week here since the girls have 2 full weeks off from school.  Here’s what I’m planning for the week’s Menu Plan Monday:

Monday: Cheeseburger Pie — the girls have loved this for years.

Tuesday: Turkey breast — recently my dad gave me a coupon for a free turkey breast. I plan to make it in the crockpot — hints welcome. Here are online directions I found on how to cook a turkey breast in a crockpot. It’s been thawing in the fridge for nearly a week, yet still feels a bit frozen. Why does the label always say to thaw in the fridge 48 hours? That would never work! I’ll also make a box of scalloped potatoes I got free online a while back, and probably peas too.

Wednesday: Ortega Taco Casserole — this has been a favorite for years. Like tacos, but less work.

Thursday: Zesty Chicken Tortilla Bake — leftovers.

Friday: make your own pizza — I make the crusts; everyone creates their own personal pizzas with toppings of choice.

What will you be cooking and eating this week?


6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Spray your crock pot with PAM. To the turkey breast I add salt, pepper, sliced carrots, some chopped onion, a little celery, dill weed, and whatever other spices you desire. I think all the above adds to the flavor of the turkey breast. I would NEVER get a whole turkey. A turkey breast is so much easier and I will not eat dark meat.

  2. Enjoy your turkey breast. If you don’t finish it this week, I’ll help you when I’m there next week (if all goes as planned).

  3. Great menu. I am always looking for some new ideas for my family. I have never heard of the Ortega Taco Casserole. Sounds yummy…I will definitely have to make it.

  4. MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays!
    This New Year’s Eve, I’m staying home, cleaning our house and doing some blog visiting. Hubby had to work so it will be quiet.
    Your menu plan looks delicious.
    Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!

  5. I’m not sure if I’ve ever cooked a turkey breast in the crock-pot but I don’t know how it could turn out bad. It’s a crock-pot!

    I’m wondering how I can make the taco casserole with no cheese.

  6. Sounds good – I am going to let Disney do my cooking for the week!!!

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