Ludwig II: Linderhof Statues Restored

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King Ludwig II’s “small palace,” Linderhof, may be the smallest of his homes, but its grounds are huge. Covering over 125 acres, there’s plenty to see. You could occupy lots of time there. I’ve always been fascinated by the Venus Grotto. But there are many other curios as well. And since Linderhof was built in the 1870s, all of its wonders are approaching age 150.

Restoring the Nymphs at Linderhof

Notably, two “naiad”–  or nymph — sculptures on the terraces in Linderhof are currently being restored in Regensburg. Two zinc lions went along for an update as well. They all might have continued their decline, if not for a donation from the  Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation which made the restoration possible. Hey — what a great idea: a private foundation paying for a renovation rather than the federal government. The public gets great beauty, the company gets some good PR. I like it!

The Naiads were designed by Michael Wagmüller. Together with three sea nymphs which will be restored next year, the naiads form a whimsical trio in a fountain on the Italian-style terraces surrounding the palace.  The Palace Department is planning that by the start of next season, the reunited Linderhof statues will take their places in the fountains again.

Ludwig valued the Linderhof terraces highly, especially a bust of Queen Marie Antoinette of France in a grotto-like niche within one of the terraces. He was said to greet and kiss this bust each time he passed it.

Read more about the Linderhof statues and their owner, “Mad” King Ludwig II — you’ll never forget him: Not So Happily Ever After: The Tale of King Ludwig II.

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