How to Buy Gift Kindle Books

Updated December 2014 — may contain affiliate links.

Still need a Christmas gift for your kids, teens, or relatives? How about a gift for yourself? I have a suggestion: a Kindle.

I held out for quite a while. I love books — seeing them, holding them, and of course, reading them. But last April I saw a $139 deal on a Kindle Fire, and I gave in and ordered one.

I’m so glad I did. It’s so convenient to take the Kindle along with me when I need to wait in the van for the kids. One of the great things is that it lights up, eliminating the need for overhead lights to read when in the van at night. It’s small and lightweight. And the Kindle Fire can even go online if I’m someplace with wifi.

I think Kindles are great — they can encourage reading for kids. They’re a tech-y gadget, which may entice reluctant readers more than a paper book would.

Here is how to buy gift Kindle books — yes, you can buy a book to send to someone’s Kindle.

Choose the book you want to buy. Let’s say you want to buy my new book for tweens/teens/adults on Mad King Ludwig. See at the top right of the page, near the bottom of the green box? It says “give as gift.” Click there (don’t worry; you haven’t bought anything yet).

Now, you’ll see a place to enter the email address of your gift recipient. And here’s what I really love: you can also choose the date the book is sent. You can send a book to arrive at your recipient’s Kindle on Christmas Day! How cool is that?

You can even send a message to your recipient, and finally, click “place your order” on the bottom right.

Easy, huh?

If you need suggestions, I have those too. In addition to my King Ludwig II book above, I have written three other books you’ll enjoy.

Want a trip back to the 1970s in a small Midwestern town, centered around the church? Then you’ll enjoy I Love to Tell the Story. I recently shared excerpts from the book with a group at my church. One man bought a copy, and called last week, ordering 9 more.

For kids, maybe 6 to 10, how about a chapter book with tie-ins to Bible characters that your kids may not know about?

Sophie, Pay Attention (Rhoda, You Too)! will introduce them to New Testament Rhoda, while A Dog Called Naaman will teach them about Naaman.

I’ve priced each of my books at $3.99 or less — less than many Starbuck’s drinks. Merry Christmas, and happy reading to all into 2015!

3 thoughts on “How to Buy Gift Kindle Books

  1. I am so excited that tonight when our choir goes Christmas caroling, we will give our minister of music a mini IPAD! It is in giving that we receive. . .

  2. I don’t think I knew that you can order Kindle books for someone else. I’ve bought many for myself, but this is a new angle. I’m busy proofreading/editing an article by your aunt, M.E., about her husband’s ancestors. She wants to send it to one of his aunts.

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