Childhood Memories Friday: Childhood Doll Buttercup

Childhood Memories FridayToday, a look at my favorite childhood doll, Buttercup. You’ll be happy to know that I still have her. She sits in the antique secretary in my living room, where she keeps the company of Madame Alexander dolls Heidi and Miss Germany.

Buttercup doll 1960s

Thanks to daughter #3 for capturing Buttercup in a natural setting

I honestly don’t remember much about playing with Buttercup as a child. I assume my mom named her, as I doubt I would have come up with such a lovely name as a toddler. I don’t remember who gave her to me. I mainly recall that I must have cut all her lovely hair, as she spent many years pretty much bald.

Then one day as a teen, I learned about a place that sold doll wigs (probably from doll expert Mrs. Wintin, my kindergarten teacher). I paid a very large amount, in my teenage opinion, to buy Buttercup a wig. I thought it was beautiful. (Thanks to my mom, here’s more info on Buttercup’s “new” hair: The bill is dated June 20 1975.  Buttercup’s wig is a #12 and cost $4. So apparently I wasn’t yet a teen, and also apparently $4 was a lot of money to me in those days).

Since she now looked so great, I decided she needed a new dress. I designed a dress for her that I felt had an authentic Bavarian flair. She still wears it!

How about you? Any memories of childhood dolls? Do you still have any of them?

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Childhood Doll Buttercup

  1. You got Buttercup from Grandpa & Grandma Schulte.
    I have a bride doll Aunt Emma gave me. She is wearing her original bridal dress and has her original hair. I’d guess her to be at least sixty years old. I decided to place her under my sentimental tree, along with the Uncle Sam bank from Aunt Lauretta, your tattered Raggedy Ann and the antique doll cradle containing the antique Kamman doll. It looks pretty as a Christmas card, in my eyes.

  2. I still have my childhood teddy bear with jointed arms and legs. His body is hard and there’s a clunky sound inside that makes me think he has a growler sound maker that worked once upon a time. I either got him for my 1 st Christmas or my first birthday less than a month later.

  3. The only doll that I remember well was my bride doll, which was acquired for Christmas when I was in second grade. She had brown shoulder length hair that was a little bit curly and a white satin dress and tulle veil. My mother warned me not to take her to school, but I took her on the bus anyway, and needless to say she did not come home in the same condition as before. I had her for maybe a year or two, I think. One of my uncles got married that year, which made her more meaningful to me, since I never really liked playing with dolls very much. I was definitely a tomboy who loved the outdoors on our Indiana farm much more than any indoor activity, except for playing the piano.

  4. So many memories of my dolls! I don’t think I ever gave mine haircuts, I can remember endless hours of tea parties, dressing them up in clothes my mom made especially for each doll, and giving doll parties for my younger sister and her friends. Merry Christmas, Buttercup!

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