Childhood Memories Friday: A Light in the Dark

Kindergarten Mrs. Wintin Jackson Elementary Seymour Indiana

Here’s my kindergarten picture. It looks so vintage that I can hardly believe I lived it. There I am, second-from-the-right on the third row, gazing out at life with my typical serious mien. Probably, I’m wishing I could have been one of the cute little girls chosen to sit on the benches (if you’ve read my memoir, this is sounding familiar). Or maybe I’m just lamenting my unfortunate dress, which I remember vividly. I opened it at Christmas and burst into tears cried quietly: it had a tie! Ties were for boys!

There’s Mrs. Wintin, younger than I am now. You’ll be pleased to know that she’s still around, 42 years later. Having written to me about a lighthouse shoebox parade she remembered from her childhood, she now kindly invited us over to see the little lighted houses she has set out on her cozy porch.

lighted houses on porchMrs. Wintin chatted with me, my mom, and my sister, while my own girls (now far past kindergarten age) played on the porch. Life goes on, but it’s a little more inviting when there are old friends around — and a little house with a light on doesn’t hurt, either.

lighted houses on porch

Mrs. Wintin, Mom, and a stray niece …

Thanks, Mrs. Wintin!


5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: A Light in the Dark

  1. Thanks Mrs. Wintin for being my kindergarten teacher. You inspired me to want to be a kindergarten teacher – and I did – for 18 years! Much love, Jill Nalywaiko

  2. Billie Wintin is one of the more interesting persons I have ever met. She will be 80 in March and yet she is continually doing the neatest things. When I had an antique doll restored, Billie gave me one of her baby dresses and let me cut it up to make a dress for my old old doll! I was amazed!
    “And if everyone would light just ONE LITTLE CANDLE, what a bright world this would be!”

  3. What a neat little story! Mrs. Winton must certainly have been a remarkable teacher. I admire your propensity for keeping happy memories of your childhood alive and well. You are passing on this heritage to your own three daughters also. Good Mom!

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