Deck (and Deck and Deck and Deck) the Halls

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I enjoy decorating for Christmas. Well, kind of. Okay, actually, when I saw the guys arrive across the street and spend a few hours covering the house front with lights which keep me up a while each night, I was a tad envious.

I still do all my own Christmas decorating. But apparently, hiring out the holiday decor is a growing trend.

A  year or so back, I read Tinsel: A Search for America’s Christmas Present. I was shocked at the excess to which many of the folks covered in the book went, spending thousands to have a crew come in and decorate their homes for Christmas. Others have made outdoor Christmas lighting, complete with a timed musical soundtrack, into a part-time job. Still others got into Black Friday shopping in a big way.

I’m wondering whether part of this is a Texas thing. As I recall, several of the people profiled in the book lived in Texas, as does radio host Glenn Beck, who recently shared that he had hired a company to light the outside of his house … for $18,000. Beck does live in Texas now, and while perhaps everything is bigger there, I suspect that there are people livin’ large all over. I don’t begrudge Beck his house, but gee — for $18,000, I might consider flying down to put up all those lights myself. Seriously. Many people live on $18,000 for a year (that’s more than the salary for my first job out of college)!

So while many out there are hitting up Hobby Lobby and buying all new Christmas decor (which a service will come in and arrange), I’ll be unpacking yet again my childhood treasures and arranging them.

Happy decking of the halls, however you do it.

house exterior Christmas decorating

Here’s the view out my front door: even the neighbors are bringing in the help.


4 thoughts on “Deck (and Deck and Deck and Deck) the Halls

  1. I didn’t realize people had made this into a business. I lived a very sheltered life, evidently.

  2. I can’t even find the time to get the ornaments on my tree – oh my!!!

  3. I wonder each year if I can just put lights on my tree and no ornaments–it would be much easier.

  4. Stick with your ornaments of treasured childhood memories. You will be happier in the long run than the neighbors who pay exorbitant prices to have their house done on the outside. You will have enough money to send your girls to college by being more frugal.

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