A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving episode is one of the later additions to the Charlie Brown holiday specials. It originally aired on CBS November 20, 1973 — when I was 9 years old. Indeed, I remember watching this special on several crisp November evenings over the years.

In case it’s been a while for you, the basic premise of the show features Charlie Brown and sister Sally preparing to go to their grandmother’s for Thanksgiving, when Peppermint Patty invites herself over. Charlie Brown is flummoxed until the ever-calm Linus shows up and suggests that Charlie Brown prepare Thanksgiving at his house for his friends, and then head to Grandma’s.

Woodstock and Snoopy set up the yard, and Charlie Brown serves his guests a unique meal featuring toast, popcorn, and jellybeans.

How about a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving trivia?

  • Vince Guaraldi, composer of the jazz music heard in the Peanuts specials, contributed a rare vocal number (“Little Birdie”), heard during the scene where Snoopy and Woodstock set up for the meal.
  • On the way to Grandma’s, the kids sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” — perhaps giving modern kids their sole exposure to this song.
  • Where does Grandma actually live?


A condominium!

  • Linus prays before the kids eat their Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

4 thoughts on “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for the memories! We DO need more shows like that instead of so many off-color sitcoms of very little or no value. God bless us this Thanksgiving and help us get back to kinder, gentler times.

  2. Love the Charlie Brown specials – especially Snoopy’s feast!

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