The Christmas Pony: review

“The Christmas Pony” is a sweet book. It’s the story of eight-year-old Lucy, who lives in the 1930s with her widowed mom and grandmother. Life is tough as they struggle to make ends meet by taking in boarders to their home. Lucy wishes for a new dad, for her mom to be happy again, and (of course) for a pony for Christmas.

One day, she runs into a stranger and a lady with movie star looks while she is in town. Their car has broken down, and they have no place to stay. She suggests her own house, and thus begins the story will end with … well, I won’t spoil it for you.

“The Christmas Pony” was a nice book. It was the book equivalent of eating cornflakes or of painting your walls beige. There were no big highs or lows, just a mild tale with a happy ending. It’s billed for adults, but I think its ideal audience would be children around fourth grade. It reminded me of an extended version of a story you might read in the December issue of Guideposts.

Thanks to Revell for a review copy. “The Christmas Pony” is available November 2012.


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