Thank You, Mitt & Ann Romney

Before the election gets too far behind us, I can’t neglect to do one final post on it. There are many thoughts swirling in my head, but what I’d most like to say is, “Thank You” to Mitt and Ann Romney, and to Paul and Janna Ryan.

I’ve read that the Romneys were “shellshocked” after their loss, and I can fully understand that. Heck, I’m shellshocked, and I didn’t even run. I was convinced they’d pull out a victory. Convinced that November 6 would be another “Chick fil A Day” where America’s silent majority would make her voice heard.

Alas, it didn’t happen. Not quite.

Can you imagine putting your entire life into campaigning for months and years? Flying all over, giving speeches, preparing for debates, researching things you might not normally even care about, giving interviews, “making nice” with lots of people you’d probably just as soon not interact with … and then losing? I can’t.

Yet I’m so impressed with the classy way the Romneys handled the campaign. Mitt seems to have made the decision not to go negative. Maybe that hurt him; it’s hard to say. But I know that several times in the debates, for instance when Benghazi came up, I was hoping he’d totally hammer Obama.

He never did.

He kept it classy — just the facts. Refused to get personal in blaming his opponent. In that way, he kind of reminds me of George Bush.

A friend gave me a magazine the other day with the Romneys on the front. It was all I could do not to cry, imagining what might have been. I thank Mitt and Ann (and the Ryans as well) for running such a classy campaign. I thank them for their positive vision of America. I’m still trying to believe in it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trying as hard as you did.

Thank you Mitt Romney

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  1. Count me in, too! I grieve over what might have been. I grieve over the country we lost that my descendants will never experience. I grieve!!!

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